A Riveting Tale of Love, Greed And (general) Disappointment

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Today on PL64 Encampment mission my displeasure with the lowbie Love Rangers finally boiled over into … something.

This PL23 muppet was running on the outskirts of the map clearly looking for the goodies and storm chests while me and a PL67 outlander were clearing the camps just beelining from camp to camp. If you’re new you might wonder about the fourth person but yeah, he was naturally afking in a box at the spawn.

Suddenly the chat fills up with all the possible preset messages. The leecher had found his precious box of trade goods. We started the fifth camp and the outlander was absolutely killing it. It was a perfect moment to disengage and rush to the storm chest.

When I reached the box the Love Ranger was already anxiously jumping up and down, there was some serious anticipation in the air. I jumped in, started the chest and made my way back to the encampment and the outlander.


The Love Ranger managed to kill 2 husks before succumbing to the embrace of the horde. He didn’t rage or anything but I’m hoping he understood where I was coming from.

I will be that guy again if the opportunity rises. I’m all for doing the chests when the time is right – but if the rest of the team is busy on the objective and you call help for a box in a mission way higher than your PL I will trigger it and disengage. I’m even willing to make it up to the rest of the active team if they feel cheated out of phat loots.

This is usually not me though. I’ve played online games for some 20+ years and I’ve never felt the need to be an asshat. It’s just that the current situation is so damn frustrating that the toxicity is starting to seep in.

TL;DR Reading is good for you. You can’t afk your way out of this one.

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