A series of ideas to improve STW: The Mimic update

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So STW is nowhere near as popular as BR, but that doesn't mean we should just give up on seeing this mode through! Leachers, traders, and more can be addressed with a few additions to the game.

To best structure this article I made it in the form of an update, but sense this isn't real, I'm calling it the Mimic update.


These are some new tools players will start to collect post plankwood from llamas and occasionally from chests.

AACannon: Only targets airborne enemies, so sheilders, takers, and flung husks will be shot down quickly.

Smasher Bumper: This is a large wall like trap with spikes in front of it that can only be placed on metal and brick. It's key purpose is that it stops smashers in their tracks, should they be charging.

Electro-grids: A wall trap that doesn't actually protect against husks, as they can walk through it. What it DOES stop is blaster beams, skulls, and other projectiles thrown by husks and misties. It's fairly cheap to produce as well.


-The Bomb Bag:

This is a unique schematic type one can earn now for all explosive types. Clingers, impulse grenades, m40s, they can now all be crafted in bulk with these schematics. They do require a lot of gunpowder though.

-Flame weapons: Runs like an RPG where it has infinite ammo but its ammo comes from its durability. Can come in a flamethrower type weapon, or a launched shot of flame weapon. Increased damage against nature husks, lesser damage against water husks.

On the topic of Leachers

Why we have this problem is beyond me, as the solution seems simple. All we need to do is use the VERY stats we're given at the end of each game (combat, building, utility) to create a new stat: Participation percentage.

If Larry spends the game mining resources, fighting husks, and doing objectives, he will have more combat, building, and utility under his belt by the end. When compared to Jennifer who leached the whole game, Jennifer is going to have a much lower participation percentage.

All we have to do after that is deny rewards to players whos participation percentage falls too short.

This also opens up the field to "100% effort" bonuses for solo missions.

Changes to Canny Valley and Twine Peaks

I do not know why both Canny and Twine still use the same generic map generation as plankerton and stonewood.

Instead Canny should have a series of Arizona like cities and towns where large patches of desert reside outside and palm trees are littered elsewhere.

The gimic of Canny and Twine is that you move from an area with high wood content to an area of high stone content.

This doesn't mean they need to deny area types as well:

City: A Dubai like area with tons of skyscrapers.

Industrial Park: Same, just more construction zones and oil wells than buildings.

Suburbs: Much more arid and dry with most houses looking like Walter Whites.

Forests: This is the main difference, as now this zone needs to be changed to wilderness. In canny this is a mostly desert region with a few small buildings and mine shafts.

Likewise there can be a whole slew of new special areas like casinos, nuketowns, and monster truck yards.

Twine Peaks gets its own unique areas as well, but it's still stone centered.

Cities: Now much more like towns at the bases of a few mountains.

Industrial Zone: This is basically an "underground lab" type zone that's mid construction. There's plenty of bunkers and lots of construction sites boaring into the earth.

Suburbs: Now much more like a ski resort atop a series of mountains with lodges and buildings dotted across the area.

Wilderness: Just mountains and valleys with a lodge or mine shaft every here or there.


I'm a bit hazy on the story right now and I'm finding it really hard to find answers to where the story goes. I can get the mission names but I can't actually find anything about where people are heading past plankerton. For this reason I'm simply going to create my own story following these events.


*After fending off the storm from Twine Peaks, Ray turns her attention to two separate goal lines:

Either establish a truly safe base of operations in Iron Archipelico, or Launch a full-scale attack on the storm in Gear Gulch.

Each of these two areas can be progressed through simultaneously.

Iron Archipelico is a series of islands out in the ocean. There's plenty of boats and treasure to find. By the end of the last storm shield defense (before the bonus ones) one unlocks a portal that grants access to the "Sky Station".

Gear Gulch is a nice return to a grassy area with lots of hills, windmills, and large areas of real estate such as golf courses and mansions. Progress through here and ray finds key information on the mysterious history of the storm, and where it came from (however the actual result of this will be revealed in the update following this one)

Sky Station is a space elevator, as one can expect, combat here is much different.

Each map consists of a large area (about 1/2 of an entire map we have on any given mission) And instead we're given issues of verticality.

Similar to the jump from plankerton to canny, this area is heavily reliant on metal as opposed to stone or wood. There are plenty of trees on observatory platforms and stone statues throughout the building.

Storm defense: Unlike what one would expect, you start this journey on the top floor where you are actually in orbit. This stormbase has little gravity making combat unique to other areas. Each additional storm pylon is another floor down each time, with one actually being suspended in orbit on its own tethered satilite.

Cities (Now command stations): These areas are super dense and can range in gravitational pull.

Industrial zones: Always located near the top so low gravity.

Suburbs (Now living quarters): Located anywhere throughout the building and ranges in gravity.

Wilderness (now conservatory) : Always has plenty of wood and regular gravity.

The bottom part of the tower is the focus of the mission, as that is currently undergoing a lot of husk attacks in an attempt to knock the tower over.

Likewise these 3 new areas come with some new features as well:

New enemies:

Spider-Seaker: Mist monster: Jumps onto a players back and harms them, if one latches on, one is forced to remove it either through melee attacks, special abilities, or have a fellow player shoot it off.

Tazzzzzer: Mist Monster: Works and looks like a slightly bigger shielder, but actively siphons off energy from players, and two can actually disable any given trap until removed.

Calvary: Husk: Rides a boney stallion into players to push them back. Shoot down the horse and he's just another husk. (Smasher stoppers work on these guys too)

New Mission Types:


Starting in Gear Gulch, you will see the appearance of Reavers.

Reavers do not attack structures and are infact blind. However they are also invincible.

Missions with reavers will require one to take something or defend data in an area surrounded by reavers. They don't care much about construction noises, but will be drawn towards the sound of gunfire. Meaning players will need to rely on traps and their building skills to succeed here. If one does attract a reaver, they simply have to run away and hop on a hoverboard to lose their stalkers.


In iron archipelico, the husks appear to be getting smarter, and have actually developed a battleship to destroy your bases. The solution is simply to use a varriaty of missions specific traps (cannons) to combat the battleship from ones own fortress. Unlike most missions the solo versions of these will only have husks coming from the ship. In 4 player recommended mode, they will come from everywhere.

So those are some of my ideas to build onto the game, what are your thoughts?

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