A silver lining to the current 4.3 “situation” – Idea for improving gameplay

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For those not aware of the current situation, what happens is that husks ignore the objective and endlessly chase players around the entire map. In 4-player Group missions this is actually pretty awesome with the sheer amount of enemies roaming down the street. It actually FEELS like a zombie apocalypse. You’re running and turn the corner to find a wave of husks hobbling towards you. It can be pretty intense fighting alongside that mob of enemies when you’re trying to take down a Boss or Chrome Husk, or completing any other objective.

At no other point in the game have I ever felt in danger or really overrun by enemies coming straight for me. This is an interesting element that should be part of the game.


You know how when you’re doing normal missions, there’s this random spawn of enemies who appear then just walk to another point of the map and disappear? They’re pointless. Can mostly be ignored. Get rid of this and instead replace it with something actually threatening like this impending doom mob of husks you see in the 4-player missions right now. Have them spawn and come straight for the players. They don’t stop until they are completely dealt with. They can spawn at any time even during defense missions and are separate from defense mission mobs.

We all know the game is getting easier every patch, how about we start getting something that provides a bit of challenge like this? I think this would be fun and will help in breaking up the predictability and safety of every mission.

Patrol Spawns 2.0. Epic, plz.

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