A Simple Guide to the “Dragon” Subclass

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - A Simple Guide to the "Dragon" Subclass

Before I start, this guide will not be discussing many numbers or math related topics, this is a simple guide to the Dragon sub-class. This is my first guide, so I will be making edits along with feedback and suggestions.

What is the Dragon Subclass?

The Dragon subclass is a ability based Ninja subclass. It is arguably one of the best ninja classes in the game. The Dragon subclass is an ability based ninja and has abilities that work towards clearing out large waves of husks (Dragon Slash) and slowing down and damaging enemies overtime (Smoke Bomb). There are currently only two heroes with this subclass, Dragon Scorch (<3) and Sarah Hotep. Sarah Hotep is locked behind the seasonal Halloween event, Fortnitemares. If you do not have Sarah Hotep, Dragon Scorch is the only base game Dragon hero.

Ability Damage/Support Squads

You will want to do everything you can to increase your ability damage, this is very useful to make their main ability, Dragon Slash, even more powerful. In your research tab and survivor squads, you will want to focus on Tech. Tech increases both your ability damage, trap damage, and healing the more you level it up. Offense does NOT buff ability damage, Offense will only buff the damage of weapons (melee and ranged). It takes some time to max out both your survivor squads and research, but fortunately, there are more ways to increase your ability damage, both relating to your hero support and tactical squads. Shuriken Master Sarah (a base game hero) and Bladestorm Enforcer (Road Trip hero) have a very useful support squad bonus which is +20% ability damage. This is the best support squad bonus to use for Dragon Scorch. Fortunately, Shuriken Master Sarah is a base game hero and you can obtain her through llamas, the collection book, event and weekly store, mission alerts, etc. The best tactical for Dragon can be up to debate, but my two favorites are Megabase Kyle's tactical which grants full shield upon use of the Smoke Bomb which is great for survivability due to Ninjas having to get close to their enemies. However, this will have less use due to the large cool down of 45 seconds to Smoke Bomb My personal favorite and the one I mainly use is the "Sneaky Sneaky" tactical which grants a movement speed buff of 20% for 5 seconds while in Shadow Stance. You can obtain this tactical from both Phase Scout Jess, a base game mythic, or Field Agent Rio, a Road Trip event hero. This tactical is great for fast evasions out of tough situations and will always proc after you use your Dragon Slash.

Dragon Slash

Dragon slash, the primary and most powerful ability of this subclass is Dragon's main ability. Dragon has many perks pertaining to Dragon slash, such as….

  • Return of the Dragon (level 5) – Reduces the cost of Dragon Slash to 35 energy.
  • Wings of the Dragon (level 8) – Increases the length of the Dragon Slash to 3 tiles.
  • Shroud of the Dragon (level 15) – Dragon Slash now activates Shadow Stance.
  • Breath of the Dragon (level 30) – Dragon Slash has doubled its area of effect. Additionally increases the damage of Dragon Slash by 50%.
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Dragon Slash is used for large groups of enemies and kills most of the trash husks within a group. However, increasing both your PL, Tech, and Ability Damage will make this ability even stronger and will increase the damage you can do. There are three very good things about Dragon Slash that you might not know.

  1. It can kill/damage husks through walls. Yes, it can kill husks through walls. Your Dragon Slash will deal edged weapon damage at the end of your Dragon Slash. It's almost like a Noble Launcher but with unlimited uses and a cooldown. This is very useful and saves time in certain situations where you are unable to reach a husks or there is a wall separating you or the husks.
  2. It can kill/damage husks that are above you or below you. This has great range and you can kill husks that are both above you and below you. I unfortunately do not know how close the husks will have to be, but it has good range.
  3. It can kill/damage husks before they even spawn. Your minimap is very crucial to perform this step. The red dots on your minimap will show up before the husks actually spawn. At this point, you can activate your Dragon Slash and it will kill/damage most of the husks before they even spawn.


There isn't too much I have to say about this ability. It's useful in a pinch when you are unable to reload, but it requires one aim and is really best used to target a single target at a distance, such as a lobber.


This ability is very useful and you can make it even more useful with Megabase Kyle's tactical bonus for full shield after using this ability, but this ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds so it won't be used as much as the Sneaky Sneaky tactical. This ability produces a cloud for 5 seconds that both snares the targets in the smoke bomb range by 30% and deals affliction damage overtime. This is great for clearing out trash, but I personally love to use it against Smashers or Bosses to slow them down.


Shadowstance is a big part of Dragon. Shadowstance has many perks relating to this ability. The following perks are listed below.

  • Shadow Stance (level 12) – After defeating an enemy with a melee weapon or edged damage, the Ninja enters a Shadow Stance for 4 seconds. During Shadow Stance damage resistance is increased by 15%, Mantis Leap costs 60% less energy and the Ninja becomes more difficult to see.
  • Shroud of the Dragon (level 15) – Dragon Slash now activates Shadow Stance.
  • Shadowier Stance (level 18) – Increases the damage resistance granted by Shadow Stance to 30%.
  • Legendary Blade (level 25) – Do an additional 35% sword damage while Shadow Stance is active.
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Shadowstance is very useful because it provides extra damage resistance and melee damage, which will be explained later on. However, you can make Shadowstance even more powerful with the Sneaky Sneaky tactical which grants a movement speed increase of 20%.


The Dragon subclass does not focus on melee, however they do have a few melee based perks which all proc once Dragon is in Shadow Stance. I personally love to use a melee weapon as a side weapon to proc shadow stance from time to time for that movement speed and damage resistance (however your Dragon slash will do most of this, so it's not really a necessity.) The weapons are totally up to you, however I'd recommend having a ranged weapon in your loadout, preferably something for dealing damage to tanky enemies. Your Dragon Slash will most of the time, leave behind tanky enemies and mist monsters. You will want something that both deals good damage but also has decent range. My personal base game favorite is the Super Shredder. It has amazing range, damage and with the right perks, its a total shredder of mist monsters, bosses, and tanky enemies. However, if you have the Bundlebuss, an event exclusive weapon that is part of the Flintlock set, it is great for taking out bosses and tanky enemies. The range may not be as good as the Super Shredder, however it provides great damage and will absolutely shred mist monsters and tanky enemies, which is one of Dragon's weaknesses.

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