A small thank you to the Reddit community.

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Hi Reddit, I just wanted to post this really quick. If it is removed or not in the TOS of the sub then I apologize.

About 3 weeks ago my wife fell off our porch and got an avulsion fracture in her foot. A small piece of bone is floating around in there and hurts like the devil. At that point I had to become a stay at home caretaker as she became mostly couchbound. I bought STW as a way to sit with her and stay entertained, and be able to assist her every need. Plus I was mainly a hardcore BR player but playing BR and having to get up and down with a circle chasing you is impossible.

What this means is sometimes during games I would have to get up and go AFK to help her to the bathroom, cook food, etc at any point during the round. Every single time I would be playing with one of the members here, they all understood the "AFK my wife needs me." messages. Not a single time was I ridiculed for being an AFKer or Leecher or any of that. Every single person understood. I would never intentionally AFK during a game, but when she needs me, she needs me.


Tomorrow is our first day back at our respective workplaces, and I just wanted to say thank you all for being so caring and understanding on my 3 week journey to PL 62. Kindness on an internet video game from strangers that could easily demonize me for being a leecher or afker, but they don't is a big blessing and it means so much to me as this game has been a big part of my stay at home life the past 3 weeks.

See you all in game!

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