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The Commander calls and I've got a mission. Evacuate a shelter in Canny Valley. Easy work. I've done this… probably fifty or sixty times already. With the promise of some Epic perk-up, I'm already grabbing my guns and helmet. I don't know who I'll be meeting there, and its been a long time since I've been to Canny Valley, but how bad could it be?

I'm beamed into the suburbs and I see that I'm alone. The shelter is already under attack! "Let's go", I say. And I mad dash to the objective and throw up my turrets.

zing, zip, ping, pew pew

I take a blaster shot to the face, but I'm alive and they're dead. GG.

Ray's voice crackles over my communicator. The shelter's charging, blah blah blah. I'm already throwing up stone walls.

Suddenly the world freezes for a moment, like someone stopped time. And then I see that I've got company. A… ninja. And… two other Outlanders!

I guess I'll wait for them to get here to help me tear down this house (I love a death pit, what can I say), but I throw some traps up at a choke point in the mean time.

A few minutes pass and I've collected some charge fragments and cleared debris from around the shelter. The storm should erupt any moment. I reload my Grave Digger and prepare for the horde.

But where are my teammates? Maybe they're in trouble.

Did The Commander send new recruits again?

I shrug it off. The monsters are here. And they're pissed.

I throw down TEDDY. I dash to the other side of the objective. Turret! Shock Tower! I Anti-Material Charge a husky husk in the mouth, and kill his friend with a Razorblade. The sweet smell of a gas trap and burning zombie flesh waft over the battle field, and suddenly I realize I'm still alone.

"Hey", I type into my communicator. "Come help defend"


I peek at the map between the deaths of two Blasters, and I see three green arrows dashing aimlessly around. One of them is on a hoverboard. Another is looting a house. But…


Suddenly a plea carries over the suburbs.

"Come here! Come here! Come here!"

The chrome husk spawns and I make quick work of him.


Do… Do my companions not know that the shelter is under attack? I'm confused. Perplexed. Worried.

I see a figure in the distance through the fog of war. An ally! They've come to take up arms and fight alongside me and my racist bear! Just in time for the mini boss! Surely…

The adventurer bursts through a wave of dwarf husks, flying on a hoverboard in my direction! They come closer and – its a Pathfinder…

I'm firing into a congo line of fire husks with a Thrasher. I fall back to repair walls as the monsters march in a cloud of healing deathburst. I turn to see the Pathfinder beside me. A… pick axe in her hand?

"Got malachite for me", she says

Was that a question?

She begins to dance.

The mini boss spawns! Smoke screen and tank… lovely. TEDDY and I are emptying clip after clip. He's going down, but slowly. The walls have been breached! The fire husks are flooding into the shelter!

"Try to take my loot, I'll cut ya", I hear.

The mission is almost over! We're almost there! I throw up another turret and start putting up walls. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7…

I hear the sound of crashing metal and rush to the other side of the shelter. Its the dancing Pathfinder… destroying a loot llama.

5 – 4 – 3…

I check the mini map one last time for the two comrades I never saw.

Still looting houses.

2 – 1 – You did it!

I'm teleported out of the suburbs and make my way to my dorm at home base to check the mission completion report. I pour myself a drink and slump down into my chair. Canny Valley ain't what it used to be.

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