A use for excess research, and the old Alpha Fabricator Feature.

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Have been an Alpha player since September of 2015, and recently I have seen a lot of requests from other veteran players that they wish there was something more that they could do with their research after having capped out ages ago. Thinking more about it in length after months of reddit and the Fortnite forums skulking, I feel I have an okay solution to not only just that problem, but to a few others as well.

Now, there once used to be an experimental feature that was added for a total of one or two tests back in the Alpha, so it wasn't around for very long and it seems the developers at the time thought that it wasn't a worthwhile feature to continue working on.

That feature was called the "Fabricator". It was an extension of Homebases and it had been implemented as a tab right into the UI of the SSD's. It allowed you to scrap in-game resources and melt them into a single, universal resource that could then be crafted into ANY other resource through the Fabricator. You could even make the infinitely rare powercells (at the time) or even the impossibly rare potion mushrooms (also features that have since been removed).

So before I continue on the pros and cons, let me explain a few things on why I feel this feature failed at the time.

Myself and many players overall disliked the experimental version of this feature. It was a beautiful concept, the ability to break down something like rough ore and planks to make powercells and ores was something the game sorely needed, and still does to be honest.

But it failed to deliver and it was overall a worthless feature, since it came with having to wait several hours to even DAYS waiting for something both to break down and to make. This is not a joke. The timers on that feature exceeded even Expeditions, with timers as long as 48 hours or sometimes even worse (I think I honestly saw 152 hours once trying to craft big stack of silver).

Bringing it back with some revisions at this point in the game would be perfect. Not only are we allowed to look at our SSD storage from the menu screen now, but also our inventories (not without glitches of some kind here and there though), the game has never needed it more. From worthless materials hogging up the inventory as you level up and go to new places… to still strangely difficult to farm ones like Fiberous Herbs and Ores. How many of you have had to sit with 20+ full stacks of rough ore by now?

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My proposed changes to this are simple.

  • Remove any form of timers, or make them a LOT shorter. Nothing exceeding an hour.
  • Without having to bring back the old universal resource used to make those things (since god knows we don't need yet another resource), have the Fabricator use Research instead with items costing X per every 1 item, like ores costing 100 or more with planks and rough ore costing 5-10.
  • With this in mind, why not make it so that you can scrap items directly into research? (Either with diminishing returns daily but never letting you reach 0 on the returns, or really low item-to-research returns)

This would not only allow new players to make better progression into their research tree faster by playing the game more by scrapping excess items into research, but also give old players something to spend their excess research on and even their own excess resources for things they might highly need, like again, Fiberous Herbs.

There is one more thing I should say before any of you start agreeing, the cons. As much as I like my own idea and will advocate for it, I feel that simply existing it comes with some negatives. It's one thing to think of something, and another to see it practice.

There's always the possibility that a feature like this invites more farmers and bad resource-collecting archeolojess's and Strikers into the game, such is the nature of these things. We could argue that a system like this could deter the need for them, as players are able to naturally grind and get resources to craft guns and traps just by normally playing the game and subsequently even help reduce TRADING and SCAMMING, since this overall quality of life would give players more options for immediate use outside of having to trade for things. But at the same time the counterargument could be that the system would just speed that along and give traders more resources to work with, so we toe on the fine-line of the possibility on which to sides of the coin we land on.

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Let me be real for a second.

Honestly, before I can agree to add any new features or change any existing ones to help ease issues like excess research and the like… we need to see fixes to the bigger problems that plague the game. We need proper trade windows and in-game PSA's and tutorials from the development team so that we can stop and discourage trading and scamming at the very seams.

Both the game and its community is sick at the moment, and it needs to get better.

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