A very general overview of fortnite save the world for new players.

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So you're new to fortnite and don't want to read a complicated guide? Here's a basic breakdown of the main points you should know.

1) Do not recycle anything until you have a complete understanding of what recycling does and what the collection book is.

2) Putting stuff in the collection book is PERMANENT there is no way to retrieve it as of now (although there is speculation on a possible feature for due to a research button being shown in a Dev update video).

3) DO NOT trade. You'll be shunned by the veteran community of this game and likely "scammed" (in quotation since no one should expect enough ghat others will not just run away with your stuff when you drop supplies). Also any high level guns you get will not be fully usable due to you not having a high enough offence stat to make full use of their damage and you can easily farm enough resources for anything in the game. This also extends to begging for guns/resources.

3.5) Ontop of all of this even a blue or purple gun will easily take you through the first two areas of the game by which time you will have acquired several legendary guns and even if you somehow haven't then your blue/purple will still work in canny.


4) Do not beg for people to bring you outside your current zone (more commonly referred to as a taxi or taxiing) to areas that you have not yet unlocked. Yet another good way to be shunned by vets. I suggest asking nicely if and ONLY if there is no mission currently available within your region that fits your current quest power level but from what I understand this only happens at canny (the third area).

5) Take your time and do missions you find fun. One of the biggest burnouts is not having fun and just trying to grind through missions. Also if you burn through the story too fast then you will be underleveled for your current quest missions.

6) If you plan to spend any of the earned V-Bucks on stw (you can make it through the game without them, via earning gold through successful missions, and buying stuff through the event store, which is a seperate tab inside the llama breaking tab, though if you really only want them for battle Royale skins, then use them ONLY on the Super hero llama and super people llama as they are the only ones really worth buying which come in a random daily rotation in the llama breaking tab. You can use gold and daily coins (which are earned through doing daily quests in the daily quest tab of your quest tab) to purchase legendary weapons and partway through plankerton you can reroll perks to suit what you want out of it.

7) Learn what survivors do and how they affect your damage/power level.

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