A Very Good Day in Fortnite

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - A Very Good Day in Fortnite

I'm pretty sure I had my most rewarding day playing Fortnite yesterday. I had most of the day to play, which is a rarity, and with the 7.0 release I took full advantage.

  • First I opened my Super People Llamas. I got 3 out of 3 Mythic leads. And while I only could slot one and his personality was the same as another one of my Mythic leads it was still pretty remarkable. I still had an Epic EMT lead but it led me to go from 92 to 93 PL.
  • I played a ridiculous (for me) number of missions like Encampments and Radar missions that I really hadn't played much since Fortnitemares since they didn't provide Candy. It was a nice change of pace.
  • I decided to spend my nearly 4k in Frostnite tickets on Troll Stash Llamas even though I was going to wait for Frostnite llamas. While I didn't get anything too remarkable I got a lot of Hydraulic/Scavenger weapons I hadn't received yet.
  • I was doing good and had 450 vbucks left so I decided to roll the dice on two People Llamas. One went gold (for context I bought ~8 in the past couple months and had none go gold and only 2 silver). It delivered me a Legendary EMT lead doctor to finally let me remove my only Epic lead.
  • When my son got home from a birthday party he did his homework with me and got to open his last Fortnitemares Llama. He still needed a Legendary Troll Cosplay. I told him there's pretty much no chance of him getting it. He got it. Even thought he knows the Pumpkin Launcher is pretty crap and I was making PL58s for him anyway he was still stoked.
  • I was debating watching a movie or playing a little more later and checked the late night alerts. There was a Legendary Survivor PL 100. Since I spent a little time during the day on my Twine base I said screw it. Logged in and solo'd my TP SSD#5 (no damage to any amps even after a 5 minute Fire Smasher/Propane wave at the end).
  • Finally I did my first PL 100 4x mission and while it wasn't the cleanest RTD it was a lot of fun. Got my legendary survivor.
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When it was all done I'd gone from PL 92 to PL 95. I essentially finished the game by knocking out the last SSD that opens the map up. I know my next 20 or so Llamas are going to be total crap but at this point I'm not sure it matters. I'm pretty sure this is as close to 'winning' Save the World as it gets.

TL:DR – Got some great luck with Llamas, did TP SSD 5 solo, watched my kid get a Pumpkin Launcher, and went to bed 3 PL more than when I woke up with the entire map open.

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