A warning about the 10 in 1 llamas

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - A warning about the 10 in 1 llamas

I know things of this nature have been posted in the past but I thought it'd be good to mention it again. DO NOT take the 10 in 1 llamas. You will not receive an appropriate number of legendary cards should your llama go gold.

So I mis-understood the current special llama as buying 10 upgrade llamas for a good discount. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was the "equivalent" of 10 llamas in 1. I was lucky enough to have 3 of them go gold for me. For the first one to go gold, I got a grand total of 2 legendary cards; the same exact amount that you receive if a normal upgrade llama goes gold. The second one gave 3 legendary cards and the third one 3 legendary cards. In each of these cases I was short-changed on the epic cards I would receive as well.


I'm very annoyed with myself for not doing a better job of reading the description for this llama. In conclusion, any of the llamas that combine multiple llamas into 1 are not worth your time. They're all, frankly, shit and a waste of your v-bucks. You're better off spending the extra 100 vbucks and hoping for multiple gold llamas from buying 10 individual upgrades.

Edit: So if what /u/Saianna says is true, it sounds like these are okay CONDITIONALLY. So what they said is that each of the 10 llamas in the 10 in 1 is rolled individually and you are given the collective loot from each of those 10 llamas all at once. If one of the 10 goes gold, the llama goes gold visually.

So the condition is (Assuming the above stated is true… conditions for the conditions): If you're okay buying upgrade llamas normally, these aren't a bad investment as you effectively get 2 free upgrade llamas from each one you buy.

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