A way to stop lower leveled players joining your session

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PL88 with PL43 in Ride The Lightning, PL88.
PL84 with PL39 in Deliver the Bomb, PL88.
PL82 with PL60 in Build the Radar Grid, PL76.

All three games were different parties, but me and my buddy had to “carry” every single game. We couldn’t leave because they joined once we have invested into the objective, used a good amount of resources and traps.

Not only did they not help with the objective, one party actually asked if we had mats to trade for their guns. Others, they just farmed their heart out until we completed the main objective.

We had an update just this week where people were limited to what they can join, as per progress in their story. I think there should be a better alternative.

Player A is PL94, meaning he should be able to access up to PL100, one storm shield defense above their current level.
Other options are:


A) Players in the game they are trying to join gets a vote. A message along the lines, “A player that is not within the recommended PL is trying to join your session. Auto-Deny if no response within 30seconds.”
B) Player A decide to join a session/Play with others. Player gets into Lobby. Notification on the bottom can state “A player is currently under the recommended PL in this session.”
C)Player A is trying to bring in a lower than recommended PL player in the game. Game automatically creates a new session. D) “Player X invited a lower than recommended player in your session. Auto-Deny after 30 seconds if no response.”

The reward system is in flux, where everyone is rewarded the same, whether they did the same amount of work or not.

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