A week ago, someone on the other sub asked me to give an overview of STW. I thought my response can help some of the players who have joined today.

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Sure, I'd be happy to explain. I love writing about STW 🙂

I actually write a lot of guides on various heroes, you can check my post history.

A little confession before I start: I bought STW just for "free vbucks for skins" but I ended up loving it so much that I've never spent vbucks earned in-game, on Battle Royale. I've spent it all on Llamas for STW progression.

Here you go:

About the Game


There are 4 classes of heroes in STW, each with their unique ability kit:

  • Soldiers: Focus on ranged weapon combat

  • Outlanders: Focus on farming and some cool skills like metal Teddy bears shooting lasers from their eyes

  • Constructors: Focus on building, like need less resources, repair faster, can put down a machine on the fort that protects it and reflects damage to husks (PS: Husks=zombies, there are many types of husks)

  • Ninjas: Focus on melee combat, and have abilities like Shurikens, gas bomb, Dragon Slash, etc and run faster and can double jump.

You can pick whichever hero you want, and since the last update you can get any hero you want just by grinding the game and with time. Before, it was all RNG.

We have heroes in all rarities like BR weapons, plus there are special Mythic heroes like Raven, Carbide, Master Grenadier Ramirez, etc

Weapons and Elements

Husks come in elemental types as well. You use the right element against the husk of the right element.

Think Pokemon.

Elements are:

Water, Nature, Fire, Physical (no element)

Weapons can be:

Water: Deals 100% damage against Fire husks ("super effective" in Pokemon terms)

Fire: 100% dmg against Nature husks

Nature: 100% dmg against Water husks

Energy: 67% dmg against all the above elements (Use energy when you don't have the "right" element)

Physical: 100% dmg against non-elemental husks

Now elemental husks are also super effective against kinds of walls, for eg. Nature husks deal more damage to Metal walls, so in a Nature Husk Storm, you build the fort with Brick, and so on.

Weapons have PERKS, like +Damage, +Critical Damage, +Affliction Damage, and have one of the above mentioned elements. You can also reroll perks to gear the weapon to how you want to use it.

Weapons also have CRAFTING MATERIAL. You get SCHEMATICS of weapons, and you can craft as many as you want, since they lose durability on use.

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We also have TRAPS, that are a key part of the game. Unlike BR, traps aren't used one or two at a time. You funnel the husks into one tunnel to your base, and fully rig that tunnel with traps. This saves ammo and prevents the fort from being overwhelmed.


There are various types of missions, each has a timer. Some have the timer ticking right from the start, some have timers ticking from when you want the timer to start.

Some types of missions are:

DELIVER THE BOMB: A bomb is travelling on a rail track, you have to build the track, trasport (and protect) the bomb from point A to B, then build a fort at B and defend against a storm of husks.


RESCUE THE SURVIVORS: You are thrown on a map with survivors in danger, you have to rescue them on a timer

DESTROY THE ENCAMPMENTS: Again, timer, and you have to destroy small encampments of husks

REPAIR THE SHELTER: You have to find modules hidden on the map, these modules protect a survivor shelter. Once all modules are found, you defend the shelter from a storm.

CATEGORY n: You have to defend "n" (1 or 2 or 3) number of "atlases", this is just a basic defense stage


Most important thing in the game. This determines your POWER LEVEL, and all this happens back-end (not during a mission).

PL is the one number that says how strong the player is, higher the PL, the better.

Note, these aren't just the survivors you found on the map. These are survivors, like heroes, that you get from Llamas (lootboxes that cost vbucks, which I'll get to in a moment).

Survivors have certain "personalities" (like Competitive, etc) and are divided into groups. You assign a leader to a group, and in that group all survivors should have the personality matching to the leader's.

You also level up Survivors. Doing these things ups your PL.

PL is also the difficulty counter, like missions have a specific PL. If you PL is 40 and the mission's PL is 70, it'll be very hard for you compared to someone a PL higher than 40.

Vbucks and Llamas

The game throws vbucks at you, and you get your 40$'s worth back within a week.

50 vbucks for a daily mission + mission alerts (timed missions that provide 25-40 vbucks).

In Season 4, I have been backing 200-300 vbucks DAILY.

Using vbucks on llamas helps you get more heroes, weapon schematics (blueprints), survivors (to up your PL), etc. This helps your progression through the game. PS: Opening Llamas is so much fun, Llamas are in the daily store and change everyday. There are weapon llamas, hero llamas, variety llamas, etc.

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HOWEVER if you don't enjoy the game, Save the World is a bad way to get vbucks. It'll be a huge chore for you if you don't like the game and are just playing for the vbucks.

You'll never find time to play BR if you just play STW for vbucks. And note, if you get bored of STW and misbehave in missions (AFK, refusing to help, etc) you will get reported and your account will get banned.

Season 5

Now there are 4 regions in STW that unlock as you progress. The third region, Canny Valley, is getting a desert biome in Season 5.

Epic also made it very easy to get the heroes, schematics, and weapons you want and made it less random. Now you can work towards what YOU want.

Game is looking better than ever, and only keeps getting better with each update.

Hope this comment helped!

Any STW players reading this: If I missed something or if you want to add to it, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Non-STW players: It might all sound overwhelming, but you get into it very quickly.


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