A Whole Year of Saving the World: My personal experience from playing Save the World

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - A Whole Year of Saving the World: My personal experience from playing Save the World

Today marks the day that I was able to join this community with the use of a Friend Code(when they were still a thing) given to me from a generous fellow redditor over at the r/fortnitebr subreddit from just asking a simple question on how they were able to earn V-Bucks from playing & how the PvE game mode was different from the PvP. Without that one key, I wouldn't have been able to pour in countless hours of farming, grinding, & leveling up my account to be PL122 with a large collection of weapons & heroes to choose from. I wouldn't been able to purchase the Battle Passes in Battle Royale which got me hooked onto the game even more.

In just one year, I have bought enough cosmetics & Battle Passes in Battle Royale worth 42,400v & enough Llamas in Save the World worth 12,600v…without spending a single cent of real money. $424 & $126 for a total of $550, plus the 5,920v I have currently on me for a grand total of $609.20 earned from just playing Fortnite(both Save the World & Battle Royale's Battle Pass); doing Mission Alerts, completing Storm Shields, side/Daily quests, & advancing through the Battle Pass were all the ways I earned V-Bucks.

I have access to every type of Legendary sub-class in the game, 6 out of 8 slotted Mythic Leads, 4 "perfect" Survivor Squads, Collection Book level 165, missing 4 trophies for the Platinum Trophy, & a maxed Research Tree. I've bought all 7 Battle Passes, completed every Weekly Challenges, 37 Solo wins, & an Account Level of 396. All of this entirely from playing without spending any money whatsoever & playing Fortnite nearly(an unhealthy amount)every day.

There have been great updates & there have been some questionable ones. Some great Quality of Life improvements, but also the introduction of numerous bugs that continue to plague the game. Despite the negatives, I've still stuck with the mode because I always felt obligated to continue playing for that redditor who gave me the access key & also because I wanted to truly see how the game would flourish into a full fledged F2P game eventually(of course, I also continued to play because of the constant stream of V-Bucks for Battle Royale cosmetics).

That being said, it's no secret the game mode still suffers from major issues like AFK'ing, Leeching, & game-ruining bugs like the Building Bug, lag-induced Healing Deathburst, & unable to switch between Building/Combat Modes. And there are also issues like the debatable usefulness of the Daily Coins, the amount of grinding required to max out Heroes, Survivors, & Schematics, & the questionable validity of the Report System. I really hope Epic addresses these issues more often because these are personally what's killing the game for me(ever since I discovered Sniper Defenders w/ Obliterators, I have gone entirely solo aside from 4-Player & Event missions because of the amount of AFK/Leeching players in every mission is insane to the point where an AI Bot does a better job than the 600th Striker A.C. who ends the mission with a score of less than 1000 in every category).

With the upcoming changes to the Hero Loadout system, I'm a little excited yet still skeptical if it'll actually have a large enough impact to increase the Hero Diversity a bit more, because seeing Pathfinder or Striker in every lobby I enter is enough to make me start seeing red at this point.

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Aside from all the downsides, I still enjoy playing Fortnite, both Save the World & Battle Royale. I enjoy PvE games like Destiny a lot so it would make sense that StW would take up the majority of my time playing compared to Battle Royale, but I still do like playing BR a lot because of the attention that Epic gives it that I wish they would also give to StW. Playing modes like Team Rumble, Soarin' 50s, & Disco Domination has made me enjoy big team modes a lot more because they remind me of the days I played Battlefield 3/4, the amount of chaos that ensues every match is really fun compared to the stress of dying once in the base game modes(I still do like playing stealthily in Solo despite the risk of a heart attack I get from going against the players there at time). And the addition of new weapons & tools like the Port-A-Fortress, Suppressed Pistol, & Balloons always makes the game interesting.

Going back to StW, the amount of weapon & Hero diversity there is pretty great & part of what keeps me coming back. I really like scrolling through my huge armory of weapon schematics, seeing a weapon that catches my eye & on a fluke, end up leveling it up to try out. And when you find a weapon that you absolutely click together, it really makes the game a lot more enjoyable(I remember the first time I picked up the Wraith, Hydra, & Helium Shotgun & just straight up pooling my entire resources into them because of how much I loved using them). The same can be said with Heroes, I remember people here saying that Brawler, Commando, & Shock Gunner were considered bad heroes, but when I tried them out, they were instantly my top 3-5 Heroes for those classes; why are people saying Brawler is bad with a 6s cooldown skill that stuns & applies a 40% Vulnerability with a stacking melee bonus ability? Why does no one use Commando's insane 30s cooldown ability that is arguably one of the most powerful abilities in the game? Why do people overlook Shock Gunner's incredible ability to refund their Phase Shift with every 3 kills that can also stun groups of enemies by phasing into them? These were all thoughts that went though my head as I tried them out & had an absolute blast with whilst also being able to effectively & efficiently clear missions with. I get that people all have different tastes, but seeing these same people defend the playstyles of Pathfinder & Striker also really hurts to see.

I'm really confused as to what Epic is planning for Fortnite as a whole later on down the road because of the lack of performance fixing(playing on my launch PS4 & navigating the menus makes my fan sound like a jet engine taking off; even on my brother's recently new God of War edition PS4 Pro he still gets this problem), the amount of bugs existing in the game(some for several months now), & the odd decisions regarding the relationship between StW & BR(making a new skin for StW's Syd that's a pretty big part of the story only to sell the same skin for $12 as a different name in BR, making a new banner icon that's a better quality than what Founders get of the same icon, & making emotes like Ride the Pony that have been in StW long before BR no longer accessible due to the BR's Battle Pass system making them unobtainable after a Season, etc), & the lack of major changes/content in patches(when are we ever going to get another Patch 5.0 again? That patch is arguably one of the best patches the game ever got from the sheer amount of amazing changes in it).

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I've seen a lot of changes my entire time playing StW, I've seen some bad, some good, & some questionable. Despite the rough patches we've gotten & that I'm essentially in the end-game portion of playing, I think I'll still be sticking around for quite some time just to see where Epic takes this at. Plankerton & Twine are still missing unique biomes, there's still the 6-Star materials that have no use, the Trading/AFK/Leeching epidemic that's strangling the playerbase, & the amount of grinding to max out a Hero/Schematic is tediously long for my taste, but I'll still keep playing because I want to see what Epic is going to do about it; they've gotten praise for their work on Battle Royale, I want to see that kind of attention for when the game finally becomes available to the masses. I want to know if Epic is willing to make more meaningful changes once the game goes F2P(if it ever does) once they realize that they now have two F2P game modes to take care of that they can't ignore because of how big Fortnite has gotten.

Until then, I'll still be playing Fortnite & posting in this sub with you guys.

Without that one key that one of you guys gave me, I would have never experienced any of this with you all & for that, I am really grateful. I don't exactly live in a life of luxury where I can afford to buy many things for myself, so I won't lie when I say that I did get a little emotional typing this all out.

Thank you, Epic, & thank you r/Fortnite for this experience.


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