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Hey commanders,

I know this may be a little late but I decided to share with you how dupe protection works in the llamas. Reason being I saw a couple of weeks ago some controversy on the subject. Some ppl were saying that dupe protection in winter llamas was broken or even that event llamas don't have dupe protection at all. So let's begin :

HOW IT WORKSvideo proof below

The llamas will choose an item in the following order:

  1. Rarity (legendary or epic)
  2. Item (hero or weapon)
  3. Look into your collection book and heroes/schematics
  4. Give you an item that you're missing from the rolled category OR If you already have an item from the selected category, you'll get a duplicate

In other words, Dupe Protection only applies AFTER the llama has rolled a category and not before. If you keep getting heroes for example, it's not that dupe protection is broken. It actually works but maybe not in the way some of us may want it to be. Dupe protection doesn't apply when rolling a category.

So, since dupe protection only happens when a category is chosen, someone who already has everything won't have dupe protection at all. The way dupe protection has been implemented is to guarantee you to get every item from a category (leg hero, leg weapon, epic hero…) without a duplicate the first time from that specific category.

If you're someone who's looking to get a second copy to slot in the collection book, you'll have to rely on RNG just like for the msk weapons after you get the complete set once.



At the beginning, I thought that maybe you couldn't get these at all this year but while browsing the sub, one guy told me they had been able to get one. And indeed, I experienced this myself while doing some testing.

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I don't have the numbers to know exactly how often this can happen but some llamas besides giving an item from the rolled category, they may give you a rare and/or uncommon hero from the winter set in this case.

Another thing I noticed is that the drop rate for heroes seems to be way higher than the one for weapons. This explains why most of us may have gotten multiple heroes but barely any weapons.

To help illustrate this, I made a video where I test dupe protection on two accounts (first one being my alt and the other, my main) :

Dupe Protection – Winter Llamas


Unfortunately, dupe protection doesn't have a role here either. It all depends on RNG.

Before the collection book rework and the auto recycling system, you could use dupe protection to try to get a specific 6th perk. However, whenever you recycle an item now, it will automatically be slotted into your collection book if you don't have one already. This means that once you get an item, there's no way to completely remove it like before.

Hope you guys find this guide useful

Have a good day/night!

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