About our beloved Storm King and his island vacation, think of it this way.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - About our beloved Storm King and his island vacation, think of it this way.

This is a discussion about the STW community and our perception of how this side of Fortnite is treated, not a thread about BR.

Firstly, if you were unaware the big baddie in STW is the Storm King. He's a giant mist monster looking fellow and is accessed late in Canny Valley. No, that's not a spoiler Epic has been showing him off on the splash screen since the day he was added. Well the King is now being added to the other mode as part of their Halloween event and its stirring up controversy among STW players so I wanted to make a few points known before we get out of hand.

Alright, I want to point out first that its a PvE limited time mode (LTM) in Battle Royale. You get the 3 Storm King items by dealing damage to the king, beating the king and reviving your teammates while fighting the king. So… while you do have to physically boot up BR to do the fight, its basically just a big-team version of our current boss fight. It might even be more fun if the leaks are to be believed and its up to 12 players. The only inconvenience I see is having to switch modes to play the boss fight, other than that it requires no fighting other players or playing the actual Battle Royale mode. I see no reason to be offended about it.


As for the items in the shop… They're working to bring the cosmetic shop to STW (probably this season) after the locker is completed so these items very well may have been sold to us here anyway. Once the shop is in place you can expect to see more STW themed cosmetics for sale so I don't see this as a sore issue. The annoyance of having to load up BR to purchase them is a temporary one and once you're done you can go right back to STW and enjoy them.

Also some folks are getting upset about his inclusion in the BR Fortnitemares event as if our assets are precious and we should horde them to ourselves. To that I say, why? It doesn't bother me one bit. Fortnite is one game, two sides of the same coin and I love them both dearly. Both modes borrow heavily from each other (each with its own shortcomings) and that's a good thing, it makes it easier on the dev teams being able to share assets. Bringing both modes into sync is what the devs are trying to achieve with this locker feature so players can transition between modes and still keep their hard earned items. Plus all of the story crossovers, its good for both modes and the king is bringing STW more exposure.

I know its jarring to see beloved STW icons in the other mode but lets not pick up the pitchforks just yet, it might actually be pretty fun.

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