Account Banned due to fraud on the account

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About a month ago I was playing STW with a friend and mentioned to me that he randomly had 2000 vbucks and didn't know where they came from. After a little research he check his purchase history and it seemed someone, not him, had charged his account for those vbucks. So he sent an email to support, sinces its the only way to get a hold of them, about it asking them to remove them from his account and refund him. a couple days go by still nothing. He still had the vbucks and no communication from Epic at all. He messages them again hoping just hear something back from them. At this point he didn't care if he lost the vbucks he had been earning from playing STW or they just rolled his progress back. He just wanted to hear something from them. The next day he logs on there is another 1000 vbucks someone charged to his account. This time instead of going to EPIC he went to card company and reported them as fraud and had the Card company refund him the money instead of Epic. As you can tell from either title or just the situation, you know what happens next. A day maybe two go by he logs in and his account has been banned for fraud on his account. He reaches out to the support multiple times and as most you know they dont respond. We were really enjoying this game but getting no response from support not even like we are looking into the issue or anything just kills the game. I have seen ton of other post of the same thing happening. Guess Epic just Bans now ask question later type of company.


Edit: Just as quick edit its been a month and they still haven't responded to any of his tickets that he opened. They probably auto close his tickets when they banned him.

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