Account hacked and money stolen – Please Help!

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This is a last ditch effort to try and get a sensible response to my call for help as thus far the support team have been unhelpful and now refuse to speak with me.

My account has been hacked, I’ve ignored warnings of 2FA for to long and as of a week or so ago I’ve been unable to login. Reset password never sends me any mails as I assume the hacker has changed the email address.

I’ve logged a call with support, provided as much information as I can, confirmed account specific details, transaction history, card details, PayPal screenshots of my orders, gave details as best I can of wins / xp my son had racked up in Fortnite, even shared a video of my son playing on the account I had named. However because I’m unable to confirm my account creation date they are refusing to believe its me…. Ridiculous.


My daughter has my account on her friends list and she saw my account was online last night playing, apparently my account is no longer in English ☹

Epic, please any help gratefully appreciated.

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