Account hacked, Bethany from epic games refuses to give it back

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So about a week ago, I logged on my PC with the intent to play fortnite. Literally just as I sat down at my desk, I received an email about someone trying to access my email, but was blocked. I decided to check the rest of my emails, and my heart dropped when I seen I had a number of emails from epic games; accounts being unlinked, password was changed, facebook accounts were linked and unlinked. I then noticed that I was being addressed as "Jack" which is not my name, nor the name I had on my account. Unfortunately, I've been super busy the last couple weeks and never logged on to enable 2fa, so the hacker went ahead and enabled it for me, and now I am locked out. Long story short, I was hacked by a guy named Jack Keane, who now uses my account under the name OTCKeane on pc OR KeaneOTC on xbox.

Infuriated, I sent an email to epic games. It was only the next day that "Bethany from epic games" emailed me back. She sent me some questions about some account info, purchase invoices, locations, and other things. I emailed her back with everything I had to the best of my knowledge. They take a full day or more to respond to your emails, if you get a response at all, and its super frustrating.

Fast forward to the next day, I get another email. Bethany needed my FIRST 5 purchases that I made on the game and a list of the levels I finished off at, FOR THE LAST 4 SEASONS and that it was CRUCIAL in getting my account back. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I never truly took great notice to my levels. I know I was level 70-80 most times, but not the specifics. So I dug back in my Paypal to September 2017 to find my first 5 purchases. I found them, and I thought for sure I was going to get my account back. So I emailed Bethany backed and sent her the dates of the first 5 purchase, and explained to her that I couldn't tell her the levels I was the last 4 seasons but I completed every battle pass. I gave her a round-a-bout number and crossed my fingers.

She then emailed me back explaining that the records did not match and she could not give me my account back.

"Should you remember your information, email me back and we'll go from there"

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UNBELIEVABLE. I never thought that I would lose my account for good, because I couldn't remember my levels from the last 4 seasons. I've been playing almost since day 1, how could I remember? I just play the game casually when I can. I don't care what my level is. I've provided payment info, IP addresses, and every other answer she was looking for. I have tried sending screenshots of my emails and whatever else I thought could be valid proof in getting my account back. I explained that this was ridiculous and that I was very disappointed. It was a super long message, more or less just politely saying how useless their support is. I tried to ask how someone who hasn't played 4 seasons of Fortnite would get there account back. Do they ask the same question relative to the number of seasons they have played? Do they have a different question that they are required to answer?


She then responded the next day, that they cannot disclose information with anyone who ISN'T the ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OWNER. And that's what set me off. I emailed her back explaining that I was genuinely upset with how this was/is going. I have all kinds of proof the account is mine, but the deal breaker was me not knowing my season levels. I asked if there was a number or something that I could call and try to explain my situation because I felt like I wasn't getting my point across. It's been over a day and no response. I was never rude, just angry and tried to justify everything I told her. I don't know if she doesn't understand where I'm coming from, or if she just doesn't care, but Bethany has been the worst customer service agent I have EVER spoken with. I also said that if she believes he is the original owner, that he should receive the little questionnaire that I did, and see if he could supply her with the same information.

I understand I should have had 2FA on my account, but I've been super busy the last couple weeks and it never crossed my mind to log on and do so. Honestly, I didn't know about being able to enable it until they came out with the free dance you received for doing so. The moral of the story is, remember your season levels, because at this point, nothing else about your account matters. You can rhyme off everything thing you know about the account, all your transactions, any personal info, but it's irrelevant if you don't remember your levels.

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I've spent 100s of dollars on this game, I even have the skull trooper and mako glider and all the other OG stuff. Not that it matters, but i just can't believe that they don't care enough for their true fanbase and dedicated players. I would love to get in contact with another representative in hopes that maybe they could better fulfill my requests, or atleast be responsive and help me out a little more.

To Bethany:

You have done nothing but waste my time and energy. You got my hopes up just to shut me down.

To Jack Keane (OTCKeane or KeaneOTC):

I don't expect you to give my account back, but I would love if you did. But you are a worthless human being in my mind, and I hope some sort of Karma comes back to you. People work, and work hard for their things, and it's people like you who ruin this community.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Does anyone know what the next step for me to get my account back could be?


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