Account Hacked, Epic refusing contact

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I don't really play Fortnite because it's not really what I thought it'd be. I bought the $40 edition at launch, liked it for a while, upgraded once and stopped shortly after. Downloaded updates a few months later to see what had been done and it's just not a game I find myself wanting to play anymore. It happens. I can live with that.

tl;dr, wasn't for me.

On the 9th of April, I found two charges for $25 of V bucks in my PayPal history which I didn't make. Now I'm getting charged for transactions I didn't make. PayPal refused to refund it so I emailed Epic. No response after four days and the number on their contact page cannot be completed by Verizon. It just goes to a dummy receiver.

I've sent over 10 emails to them since, I've PMed a couple Epic devs on this subreddit, but no matter what they refuse to even contact me back to say much of anything. At this point, I don't even want a refund. I just want the account closed entirely.

I have two-step on now and done what I can to disable any links to my PayPal or credit card. Email attempts are saying the account is being accessed in India (or by a VPN based out of there). I live in California. They can see where the original transaction for the game, and where it was played the first couple weeks, will verify that claim.


My account was compromised, and I didn't want to reach out in a public venue to try and get the account in question closed, but I seriously don't know what else to do. There is no way for me to shut down.

This is really disgusting customer service. The email you get back when you send them a message through their site notes they'll contact you shortly. It's been over a week now. No contact.

I've seen reaching out over Reddit helped other users, so I'm willing to do so now. The Invoice IDs were A28342645 A28342758

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Order IDs A1804091719053619 A1804091719333732

At this point, keep my stolen $50. I just want the account terminated. I don't intend to continue being a customer of a company who cares so little over their customer's account security that they won't respond to concerns raised after a full week. I understand I probably look like a jackass by posting this, but it's just extremely frustrating.

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