Account hacked, they spent $300 on vbucks, remaining 24k vbucks.

index - Account hacked, they spent $300 on vbucks, remaining 24k vbucks.

yesterday when i logged into fortnite a little after the update, i noticed my build binds where changed, but i thought nothing of it. I thought it was merely a bug due to the update, so i changed everything back and continued my game.

Logged off at about 7:00 AM PDT time 5/16/2018, and hopped back on at 1:30 PM, when logging on i noticed i had Max tiers, and 24k currency and i thought it was a bug until i decided to check my bank account, and sure enough there was 3 charges for $100 of CHECKCARD 05/16 EPC*FORTNITE 919-854-0070 -99.99

I immediately deleted all payment cards linked to my account, changed my password, and after being told there was a 2fa factor (wish i would've seen this before) i enabled it, as well as changed my password to my email.


So.. this guy spent about $100 worth, and charged $200 extra and didnt use it, he bought everything in the item shop (but 2 things) and bought 27 tiers (What a douche, literally spent my money to just cause me distress ontop of playing on my account)

I also got this from one of my friends on Discord

I emailed support but im scared its going to take a while after seeing all these people with the same problems, and them saying how its been a month and no response. I noticed there are Mods on this subreddit that do reply to assist

PS: The receipt in my email also even shows the purchase in this persons language as well… ( 10 000 (+3500 dodatkowo) V-dolców Epic Games $99.99)

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