Account held hostage – support refuses to unban me after being hacked and charged

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TL;DR: Account was hacked and charged $250, everything is secured now and refunded but support refuses to unban my account for no good reason, even after I explained multiple times.

Prepare for a wall of text. A little over a week ago I opened Fortnite on mobile to play but noticed I had the john wick skin and a massive amount of vbucks. I instantly checked my bank account and email, and found $250 worth of vbucks purchases with spanish words on the purchase description instead of english. After seeing this I did the obvious things, I changed my fortnite account credentials, removed my card from my account, enabled 2fa, emailed Epic Games support and contacted my bank to prevent more purchases from being made using my card. I never did a chargeback because I knew it would likely result in a ban and have me jumping through more hoops later on, plus I did purchase some vbucks myself before this whole hacker incident, but apparently the hoop jumping act happened regardless

Support responded surprisingly quick, they refunded the money and "deactivated" my fortnite account which at the time I assumed was to give me time to secure everything, stop the hacker from logging in, as well as for them to remove all the damage the hacker caused. I asked how long my account would be deactivated, but the support guy gave an almost automated response that wasn't really related to my issue at all. They talked about IP, VPN and machine bans, as well as talked about cheating – which aren't really related to my issue at all, I tried to log in on other machines and it didn't let me so clearly it isn't a machine ban. I emailed them back explaining what I just wrote above. The support person told me the account was deactivated due to "suspicious activity or a chargeback", and that it was to protect my payment account. This makes sense, but I have secured my payment account, email, fortnite account, etc. and did not chargeback, I've mentioned that already to them.


So after sending another email explaining again that everything was secured and there's no real good reason to keep me unbanned (unless they're for some reason still fixing what the hacker did), the support person sent me the exact same email talking about the IP, VPN and machine ban – completely ignoring what I said before about that not being related my issue. I contacted the support once again to let them know the refunds finally went through to my bank account, but that I was still banned and that it is absurd to keep me banned for no reason after everything was fixed up. The support person responded saying the ban was "rightfully warranted" and that I will stay banned.

What? In what way is my ban "rightfully warranted"? The only thing I did wrong was not setting up 2fa and not removing my payment details earlier, which is certainly my fault but definitely not ban-worthy. I obviously had no idea my account was going to be hacked, it was something pretty much completely out of my control. I didn't chargeback the money, I've never cheated before nor have any hack clients installed on my PC, nobody else has access to my PC, I've secured all of my accounts and bank account. What exactly am I still banned for? How is this "rightfully warranted"? It’s been over 3 days since I sent my last email to support, it seems they've stopped responding to me.

EDIT: I can't respond to your comments since my account isnt 72 hrs old yet – the bank doing a chargeback without me knowing is something I'll have to look into and may explain some things if true. And sorry for some the typos, I actually typed this post up a couple days ago but didn't post till now. It's been about a week since the hacker hacked my account, I've been trying to log in daily ever since.

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