Add “Fun” Perks to spice up gameplay

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Right now with the perk update, pretty much every weapon is massively powerful, even with bad perks. Eventually everyone will just have damage, damage or crit, crit damage, etc…. This is great and all, but doesn't really make gameplay itself more enjoyable. The ability to work towards making the "Ultimate Weapon" is fantastic, but it would also be gun to make gimmicky weapons.

The 6th Perk Slot This is where most people get snares, affliction, or weird headshot related perks. This slot should have more options, and let us choose a perk. Some ideas I have for this slot are:

  1. Snapfreeze – (water weapons) Reaching the impact limit (knockback/down) will instead freeze them in place, making them 3x vulnerable to damage for a few seconds.

  2. Burnout – (fire weapons only) Reaching the impact limit will set the husk on fire, leaving a trail of fire on the ground, afflicting husks that walk through it.

  3. Electrocute – (nature only) Reaching the impact limit will cause a chain lightning dealing 50% damage to all husks within a 1.5 tile radius (might need to be adjusted. Works kind of like shock tower).

  4. Element Absorption – (energy only) After reaching the impact limit, the husk's element is drained and becomes a normal husk.

  5. Toe Crusher – Shooting a husk in the foot deals 5x impact.

  6. Stormcaster – (melee only) Heavy attacks create a storm of the element on the weapon, creating a large AOE zone dealing x base damage per second for 3 seconds.


Another suggestion is allowing less restrictions on weapons. Someone posted a "humor" post of the crowbar having 5x 30% attack speed. While that seems funny at first, it would also make for a very entertaining gameplay experience. Instead of rocking 30%/30% damage with 45% affliction damage, it would be awesome to have a melee weapon with 30%/30%/30% attack speed, an element and movement speed.

It would also be very fun if we could have 2 movement speed perks on a melee weapon, as well as being viable. It could be used to speed around the map or close the distance between you and a smasher, or dodge takers.

Reducing restrictions on Ranged weapons as well would be cool. Nocturno can get 75%/75%/75% magazine size which would be entertaining to try out, to say the least, but because of Re-Perk being so expensive, I'm not willing to drop my current perks for it. Instead of using 1000 Re-Perk to buy a new perk on a weapon, how about we first lower the cost to something like 750 (if we add more options to weapons, it would be more fun to try out new things instead of forcing us into a meta whether we like it or not). Next, instead of changing perks, you UNLOCK the perk. This way, you can change the perks to any others you have purchased on a given weapon. Eventually you can even switch between elements on a single schematic if you invest heavily enough into it. This would allow us to both try out new weapon styles and not have to grind for years just to change perks on a single weapon.

What do you guys think?

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