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As I continue to progress in Fortnite (currently in CV), I recognize one of the best weapons in the game is not having a cool schematic/leveled weapon, but rather simply having decent teammates. I am assuming most people started their Epic Friends with people they either knew IRL or from other games. However, as one progresses through the game, inevitably this list starts to grow as you find players that actually helped with missions, seemed friendly, or just wanted some help with a SSD and made it to your list. Additionally, for those of us that occasionally hop over into BR mode to go check out the LTM Thanos thing, or hey, because we just got tired of soloing missions, we have some friends from that side of the game as well. Which leads me to the title of this post…


It would be fantastic if we had a way to group/sort friends so that we can make meaningful titles to those groups so that when we are ready to run a mission we know who the heck people on our friends list actually are and what we can realistically expect. For example, if I make a group that says Plankerton, I wouldn't invite them to CV, but, if I find myself in search of teddy bears and want a faster mission, I could run one of the Plank maps with that group of people. If I'm needing help with a Canny SSD, I can invite friends in my CV section knowing ahead of time they will perform. Finally, I can group all the BR players into their own group so I don't sit around waiting for them to join my team when they are never, ever going to do that because they are #BRForLife

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