Advanced Beginner’s Guide to STW [V2](VERY LONG!)

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Advanced Beginner's Guide to STW [V2](VERY LONG!)

Hello again! So I revisited my old "Advanced Beginner's Guide" and wanted to improve it. This guide is designed for those who enjoy pre-planning, researching and just figuring out the best/smartest moves to make early on in the game.

This guide will be a bit longer and provide a lot more examples to hopefully full explain the method to our madness. I promise it is worth reading all of it!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me directly or reply to this post. Remember…if you have a question…there is a high chance that someone else has the exact same question. So ask away!

Shall we begin?

  • Main/Support/Tactical: This is something that even experienced players sometimes overlook. There are 3 "slots" in a Hero Build (MST); Main (The Hero you play as), Support (Usually universal Support Ability indicated by an Umbrella icon that buffs your Main) & Tactical (Usually Hero class specific Tactical Ability indicated by an "X -> O" icon that buffs your Main). You can inspect any heroes Support and/or Tactical abilities by simply looking at their Abilities. Keep in mind… a Support Ability will ONLY work when slotted in the Support Slot…same with Tactical. The biggest takeaway from this is knowing the difference between the three slots and how to "build" a Hero Build. Most Support Bonuses actually increase as you evolve them.

  • Hero Builds: This is something you may see a lot in this community…"Who should I run with (Hero)?" As mentioned above, you can make several different combinations of MST. And as you may have already noticed…sometimes when opening a Llama you will be asked to choose a class (Ninja or Outlander) and then it could go deeper and ask you to pick a specific hero within that class (Pathfinder Jess or Trailblaster Buzz). Starting out…you honestly will not know who is who and who is actually worth keeping. This is one of the tips I tell all new players when I do my 1 on 1 sessions. First, go to your collection book and to heroes and to any of the four classes (Ninja, Soldier, Outlander and Constructor) and start reading their Skills and Descriptions (Simply click on ANY Legendary Hero and inspect them). This will take some time, but it is very much well worth it in the end. Try to get a semi-firm understanding as to what the hero actually does based on the skills they unlock if you were to level them up. If you scroll to the bottom on a Hero's skillset you'll see a brief description summing up the Hero's build. As you go through ALL the heroes, write down your favorites based on what you know about them…maybe pick one or two per class so you don't get overwhelmed. Once you have all your Main heroes noted, now you want to work on the Support hero that buffs the Mains you wish to play as. While keeping in mind what that Main Hero you selected can do and what skills it has, go back through and read ALL heroes' Support Ability under Bonuses (Indicated by an Umbrella Icon) Pick one for each Main you picked that BEST supports that Hero. After that, do the same thing again with a focus on the Tactical Ability (Indicated by "X->O" icon). Have these "Hero Builds" goals will really help you narrow and focus your choices as you get them which will help you in the long run. Again, this may take an hour or two to do…but I promise you it is worth it. A lot of people have heard of the infamous UAH (Urban Assault Headhunter) being the "Best" Hero in the game. Honestly, any Hero build is viable and each has their own focuses. Some focuses on Crowd Control (Controller Harper / Hazard the 13th), some on AOE damage ( Master Grenadier Ramirez or Dragon Scorch) or even High Single-Target DPS (Ranger, Raider or UAH) regardless, there are "some" heroes that are better than others at specific "tasks" but in all reality it depends on your playstyle and time investment. Some heroes such as UAH burn through weapons like crazy…if you do not have the time dedicated to farm back those resources…UAH may not be for you. On the other hand…Ability focused heroes such as Enforcer, Shuriken Master, Carbide and many more are excellent for those who are a little on the conservative side of crafting. I myself feel that abilities are the way to go. I honestly hardly ever use weapons anymore!

  • "Should I Upgrade…": A couple people asked me if it is wise to upgrade schematics, heroes, survivors etc… and the overall answer is YES. But why? Why upgrade a Rare or Epic item when Legendary items are desired? The answer is very simple: At anytime, if you feel the need to say…switch your heroes around and maybe play as someone new…or now you have a higher rarity hero that you rather use instead of a Rare or Epic… you can always recycle the item to get "Majority" of the XP you put into it AND ALL of the Evolve Materials put into it (Drops if Rain, Lightning in a Bottle etc…) This is VERY crucial along your journey in STW, more-so in your Survivor Squads as you replace lower rarity or non-matching personalities with higher rarity or matching personalities to bump up your Power Level.

  • Upgrading VS. Evolving: Speaking of Upgrading and Evolving…what is the difference? Actually….there are three things to differentiate between; Leveling-Up, Upgrading and Evolving. So lets start with Leveling-Up: This is what you do when you Level-Up anything. Starting out it will be LV 1/10. You can Level-Up that item to 10/10. But once you get to 10/10 it is time for you to Evolve that item to 10/20! Evolving an item adds another "Star" to it…indicating the tier it is. Evolving items cost Evolve Materials and Manuals. Evolve Materials consist of Pure Drops of Rain, Lightning in a Bottle, Eye of the Storm and Shards (Can't remember exact name). These Evolve materials are usually Mission Rewards and are…well…awarded after completion of Missions. You can also find them in Evolve Material Caches (more on this later). Evolving an item will allow you to Level it up again, increases its power. Lastly Upgrades…Upgrading something means you are enhancing the Rarity of an item….from Green to Blue, Blue to Purple or Purple to Orange. This is only possible using Flux from the Weekly store of the desired type (Rare, Epic or Legendary)

  • Weekly Shop Items: So, moving right on…I just mentioned Upgrading and Evolving items. Both of which you can get from the Weekly Store using Gold. I HIGHLY suggest always buying the following items from the weekly store: All Evolve Materials, Epic Flux, Legendary Flux and if you are just starting out to mid-late Canny Valley…the Epic Survivors. Also, once you reach a certain point in the quest line, you will unlock the ability to do Daily Quests. These will award you with V-bucks and Daily Coins. You can get 700 Daily Coins a week doing these Daily Quests allowing you to purchase either a Legendary Weapon or Trap Schematic. If neither appeals you, or you already have one of them…feel free to safe your Daily coins for the next week…you may want both!

  • Weapon "Repairing" and Durability: So, I'll keep this simple. There is no way for you to repair a weapon. Just use it until it breaks OR recycle it when it is close to breaking … then craft a new one.

  • Private Mode Farming: So I mentioned in my last post to farm in Private. Basically what you can do, is set your game mode to Private meaning only people in your party or people you invite can play with you. Simply load up any mission while in Private and farm as much as you wish. Break every Parking Meter you find to get easy Nuts and Bolts (NABs) search every chest for loot and mine ALL the ores! The best part is…you do not have to even do the mission to keep the items you farm! Once you got as much as you want, simply back out of the mission and load it right back up again if you want. IF you are in a public mission, you can of course still farm. Just be respectful. If the mission starts stop what you are doing and make haste back to the objective. It is called the Main Objective after all. I also made a statement regarding playing as Harvesting Outlanders in Public Missions and not to do it. The reason I said this was IF you have your game mode set to Public, you intend on completing the mission. Mission completion almost always requires combat. MOST Harvesting Outlanders do what they do best…Harvest and not so much in Combat. Now…don't get me wrong there will be players who argue a Pathfinder CAN be just as good in combat as any other heroes if done right. And it is the player not the hero that determines the helpfulness of the hero. Sure. HOWEVER Pathfinder, Recon Scout and Striker (Not so much following the recent patch) still have a skill build that revolves around Farming and not Combat.

  • Playing Solo VS. Playing Co-op: The game is designed to be played as a 4 player Co-op experience. You CAN play this game Solo…hell…some people like the challenge…but playing Solo is MUCH more difficult and resource heavy….but do-able. Just be ready for a rough road trip.

  • Defenders: Defenders basically fill slots of players if none are present…either due to low player activity or your game is set to Private. A lot of people say don't use them…and others say to use them. Personally, I suggest having at least one leveled as a "Just in case" measure. Snipers or Melee Defenders are the best in my opinion.

  • Storage Overflow and Collection Book: So you may have already realized that you have waaaay too many items and some may be greyed out due to overflow. What I recommend you do is start throwing Common/Uncommon (Grey/Green) items into your collection book. Once you have what you can in there….you can do 1 of 2 things. You can either scrap any remaining Grey/Green items OR you can save them for Transformations. Personally, I keep ALL my Grey/Green items for Transformations…simply because scrapping them will not reward you with any manuals (Which are used to Evolve / Research things)but you still get the same amount of XP if you were to scrap them. Only scrap things IF you are truly hurting for space. Now Rares/Epics (Blue/Purple) at my stage in the game, I have the collection book for the most part full… if I don't plan on upgrading a rare or epic item… I simply scrap it for manuals and xp. for a beginner, slotting your extra Rares in the collection book isn't a bad idea if you know for a fact that you do not need them (you can always pull em back out for 20 VB) And same with Epics…although I highly suggest simply holding onto anything Epic or higher until you start to get a firm understand of value and "meta" or desired items. As for Legendary items.. I always keep them, even if I know I'll never use them. I may slot them in my collection book just for completion…but NEVER just scrap them for XP.

  • Transforming items: As you progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to Transform things. Transforming stuff basically allows you to convert several items of a lower tier into one of a higher tier. Transforming Heroes, Survivors and Defenders all cost "People Points" (Acquired from rescuing survivors or Expeditions) and Schematics cost "Research Points" (Acquired within the Research "Skill" tree) The cool thing about Transforming is that you get all the xp you would get if you were to simply scrap an item….but this generates a new item! I always convert my Greys to Green. And my Greens to Blue. Then I scrap the Blues for XP / Manuals (Since you can't get manuals from Greys / Green) And yeah! That's all on Transforms.

  • Skill Tree & Research Tree: These are two separate skill trees that you will work in as you progress in the game. The Skill Tree uses Skill Points which are awarded as you level up your Commander LV. At certain Commander Levels, you will start to gain more skill points per level. With that being said…every Skill Tree requires 1 more skill point per node than the previous. A couple people asked me how strict and conservative they need to be regarding spending skillpoints. Honestly, with recent changes you are now able to fully unlock every node within every skill tree. HOWEVER, this is only achievable IF you get Collection Book level 133+, Max Commander Level (310) AND complete ALL SSDs for each zone. With that being said…it is still advised to be a little picky when unlocking Nodes. I usually don't unlock Defender Nodes if it is not needed to get something else. Same with Expeditions. The most important nodes to focus are ones that all you to have more Survivor Squad slots. More slots means more Survivors which means higher PL. That brings me to the Research Tree. This portion is based on Time. Over time you will gain Research Points which you will have to claim before it caps. Please read this next portion, it will help you a ton! You will start out in Research Tree (RT) 1…Here you want to make unlocking the Survivor Squad slots your Number One priority by taking the shortest path possible. The cool thing about the RT is that…even if you don't progress your questline and Skill Tree to unlock tier 2 or zone 2 in those… you can still progress into the Tier 2 RT. With that being said…each new Tier requires you to unlock a certain amount of Nodes in the previous tier. If you prioritize getting all Survivor Squad slots…you will already be sloe to meeting that quota to unlock the next tier. If you are a short, start working towards back pack and storage slot upgrades. IF at any time you can unlock the next tier, do so immediately and stop working in the lower tier and switch your focus to the newest tier. You simply get more bang for your buck doing it this way. Once you get into a new tier, do the same thing…take the shortest path possible to unlock all Survivor Squad slots while trying to meet the Node Quota for the next tier. As always, if you are short on the needed nodes to unlock the next tier, start working towards the back pack and storage increases. Rinse…wash and repeat.

  • Survivor Squads: I'll be very brief on this. Level up your Survivors evenly to gain the most bang for your buck. Leveling up a survivor will put points into the F.O.R.T. (Fortitude , Offense , Resistance , Tech ) stat that they are slotted in. Now tell me…would you rather spend 200 xp leveling up a survivor from 1 to 2 and gaining 1 point into Offense….OR 5,000 xp and gaining the same 1 point? The higher level the survivor is..the more xp it costs to level up. It just makes sense to level them up evenly. Something I do…is if I reach the Level Cap (10/10, 20/20, 30/30 etc…) I always evolve them to the next tier before working on another survivor. For an example… I level up all my survivors one at a time all to level 8…then all to level 9….then when I get the first one to level 10/10, I evolve that one survivor to 10/20 (2 stars) before leveling up my next level 9 to level 10…and the process continues until all at 10/20….so on and so forth. Anywho…when it comes to which survivors to put where. In the long run, it is best to slot the higher rarity or personality match. Over time, you will be able to replace survivors with matching personalities or higher rarity which will only further increase your PL. Although the difference will not really take effect until survivors are at around mid level 20…planning ahead is never a bad thing. NEVER scrap a Legendary Survivor!

  • Caches: Last but not least…I said I'd mention them…soo lets talk about Caches! Caches are a rather new implementation to the game…basically allowing players to be awarded Rare to Legendary schematics or Evolve materials during missions by either killing Mini-Bosses or searching High Level Chests or Safes. The one thing I really want to inform you of is that you must be close to the chest or safe in order to be awarded the cache. With that being said IF you find one…call it out to your teammates. and wait for them to get close. Even if you aren't the person to open it, if you are will get a cache. Caches are far more valuable than that of anything in the chest. So don't be too worried about someone stealing your chest…you're already there…so you will get the cache. If I find a cache chest or safe I always say "Potential Cache on me, please do not open until everyone gets here." Most of the time, everyone waits and most of the time I'm the one who opens it. Especially if I am an Outlander with increased chance of double loot…and yes.. you can get double caches! But in the sad times that people wanna get greedy and open it before you, just remember…the Cache is the most valuable thing in the chest or safe…and you will get it no matter what.

  • Trading: Okay…. I know I said the one above was the last thing…but looking at my notes… I completely skipped over this. Trading IS a thing many players including myself do. Some people trade and collect weapons…some people trade and horde materials. Personally I do not see a value in trading / collecting weapons (Like Pokemon cards)…how ever material trading has a huge purpose in the game. As you progress through the game you will enter new zones which will require weapons of higher tiers to be used. Weapons of previous tiers will slowly become obsolete. That being said…the materials used to make those will also become obsolete. Trading allows you as a player to trade unwanted / unneeded materials for stuff you need…weather it be higher or lower tiered materials…or simple an abundance of an item you don't really…use. There currently is not a safe method of trading. Everything is risky and based on the trust of another person…and if for some reason you are new to the internet and video game trading….there are scammers…everywhere trying to make any bit of "profit" off of any victim they can. If you are new to the game, try to avoid trading weapons all together and hold out on trading materials for as long as you can. You will see A LOT of people trying to trade in Global Chat…ignore those guys…9 times out of 10 you can assume they are a scammer….that last 1 out of 10….well… just assume they are a scammer too lol. If you do wish to trade materials, there are several Discords, Facebook Groups and even subreddits such as FortniteFleaMarket where you can trade materials. Weapon trading in those groups aren't very…acceptable. Just remember to be safe and be smart.

  • Evolving Weapons Too Early: A very valid point was mentioned in the comments of this post so I wanted to touch on it. As you progress through the story, you will unlock the ability to Evolve your weapons. Evolving your weapons is crucial to the game! However…as Prof. Oak once said "There is a time and place for everything." What I am trying to get at is just because you unlock the ability to evolve weapons…does not mean you should right away. Many players have quickly realized that mistakes were made by evolving their weapons too early. My "Rule of Thumb" is IF you have a steady flow of the needed materials needed to craft a weapon…that is a great indication that it is time to evolve your weapons. Ideally you will want to use Copper weapons while you are in Stonewood, Silver in Plankerton, Malachite in Canny Valley and so on… Main reason is that unless you are in the correct zone…you will have trouble maintaining enough stock to keep up with the weapon crafting cost. Personally, I did not evolve any of my schematics until I was in the next zone. It has made my life soo much better learning from other peoples' mistakes.

  • Strong Weapons vs. Strong Power Level: Too many people fall victim to the concept that having better weapons is…better. THIS IS FALSE A good analogy for this is to imagine the best real-life baseball bat that money can buy…it is sturdy, lightweight and almost guarantees homerun hits every time! Now as great as that sounds… players need to remember…although they have this great bat, they are still only playing in Stonewood Little League where ..yes it is effective…but not needed….and the reward might only be a participation trophy. What I am trying to say is…in Save the World….having a great weapon really does not make things any easier for you. In fact… if you bring up the menu in game, go to squads, and on the left hand side you should see a box allowing you to hit a button to "View All Stats" ….If you click that, and scroll down to Combat… you can see "Effective Weapon Level" and at Stonewood, it should be capped at Level 20 (PL 58 weapons). Now what does this mean? It is simple. If you had a PL130 (Level 50) Gravedigger and a PL58 (Level 20) Gravedigger in a Stonewood mission…They would do the exact same amount of damage. I HIGHLY suggest to not trade weapons of anything higher than the zone you are in. Meaning if in Stonewood you should use Level 1-10 (1 Star) weapons, Plankerton Lv 11-20 (2 Stars), Canny Valley Lv 21-30 (3 Stars) and Twine Peaks 31-40 (4 Stars). There is a reason why you can only find certain materials in certain zones. And that reason is due to those are the weapons you are meant to be using in those zones.

Well… that was one hell of a long post to write up…as I stated before… this one goes a little bit more in-depth and actually applies to both new and old players. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Myself or someone else in this community will try to do our best to help. You only need to ask 🙂

As always, Happy husk Hunting!

My personal wish list for Game Changes:

  • New tutorials that players can re-visit at anytime to help them fully understand MST, Survivors, Evolving/Upgrading/Enhancing Schematics and Transformations.

  • The ability to craft weapons of lower Evolution after evolving a weapon. (If a weapon is Malachite, you can craft it at the current highest level possible, Silver at LV 20 or Copper at LV 10)

  • Clan / Guild System to help group like-minded players where you can send requests to the entire group, see what groups are doing what, join groups and have a clan/guild chat.

  • Rework of the Patrol Ward

  • Rework of the Survivor Squad Bonuses

  • Rework of the Weekly shop with regards to the Re-Perk / Perk-Up increase / decrease amounts due to progression

  • Player-Bound Weapons. Unless you find / craft a weapon, you are unable to drop the item. You can still deconstruct the weapon for materials.

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