Advanced Mission Finder with Reward values!

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Link to the tool : Fortnite Storm Chaser

2 weeks ago I made this post Reddit Post, since that time I did a lot of improvements and would like to share with you the latest version of the mission finder.

What is new?

  • All zones in one page
  • Mission Alert filter
  • 4 Player mission filter
  • Duplicate reward filter
  • Estimated ( most of them are very accurate ) reward values, for now its mainly for Twine Peaks but the values of Re Perks is valid across all zones

Sorting options – very powerful tool some examples what data you can get

  1. by # of perk ups ( descending ) – displays missions that have the most number of any kind of perk ups – example : would display a mission with epic + legendary perk up including duplicate variants
  2. by # of evolution materials – will display missions with the most number of evolution materials – example : would display missions that have 2 or more of the same evolution material ( Pure drop of rain + Pure drop of rain ) or ( Pure drop of rain + Lightning in a bottle ) or any other variations.
  3. Highest value per mission ( per run ) : Can choose between – Survivor, Schematic, Hero experience, Perk up's, Evolution materials.
  4. Same applies to Highest value per hour

How did I get the data and how accurate is it?

The data I gathered was provided by the users of the website. I had a sample base of 1200 valid entries. I will eventually do a full break down post on the data, but for now I can say : any kind of experience, evolution material, re perk is accurate in 99% cases. The data was applied via a form, and you can still do this, by clicking the submit reward. The user specified the chest level and rewards of a specific mission – as well as the tier of the reward ( yes, the value is hidden but exists ) for example any kind of experience is tiered max tier is T20, evolution materials have tiers as well – verylow,low,medium etc.


Why the value is different then the reward value I got?

To simplify this ( as mentioned I will eventually do a full break down on that ), the only inaccurate value might be seasonal gold, why? The values can not be predicted within this sample size. If the data is inaccurate that means the site returned the value of zone average seasonal drop. Another scenario is, if you get the reward chest under level 3, the values won't be accurate for you, the site returns chest reward level 3 + . As a rule I managed to see chest above level 3 doesn't increases the reward values : applies to experience and evolution materials, it might influence the seasonal gold.

Non reward values or 0's

Means I do not have the data for that reward, if you are able submit the reward data. Also ores are not estimated yet.

How to use the tool

First specific your zone, if your a end game player click All. To be honest the sort feature will do most of the work, but you can also specifically choose your mission. Keep in mind that the sorting feature works on top of the filters! so mind what you select on the filters. Some extra features,

  • if you click on the mission it will mark as completed
  • if you click a entry on the honorable mentions it will bring you up the corresponding mission
  • clicking the magnifier near mission name will display a mission inspector with the values
  • it has also a list of currently live pve streamers
  • icon near the mission name implies the awesomeness of a mission ( number of duplicates )

As always looking for feedback, and would lovely answer any questions.


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