Advice for new players I have put together over time.

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I hope this helps. I post this a lot for new players and do my best to keep it updated. Many folks have found it helpful so I wanted to make a post here so that it can be shared if other people see newbies asking for tips and tricks.

As usual if you have suggestions I am open to updates. Thanks everyone.

  1. Do not put anything in the Collection Book until you have played the game a lot.
  2. Do not buy normal llamas with your V-Bucks. Buy only troll llamas or Super (Melee, Ranged, People, Hero, etc…) llamas.
  3. If you don't build the base offer the builders materials to build then go farm your materials back.
  4. If you don’t build then put up traps and build murder tunnels. Suggestion from burnsdg: Murder tunnel are placed at choke points where the husks will approach the objective. They funnel the husks into a tunnel filled with traps killing them. Don't stand in front of the murder tunnels. Let them do the work for you.
  5. If you need help with a quest don’t just go and expect folks to help. Ask in chat for help and usually folks will help you.
  6. When someone asks if you are ready in chat and you don’t answer they are going to take that as you are ready so if you are not type that you are not.
  7. Help with the objective to win the match.
  8. When farming materials make sure you are in private or if you forget as soon as someone joins tell them that you were just farming so that they know to leave and then you can leave and change it to private and start again.
  9. On encampment missions the first 3 are soloable. So don’t wait for folks to show up. Just clear them and keep looking. Inversely if you are on one and people are finding the first 3 don’t stop exploring to go help just keep exploring to reveal more of the map. You may have a slightly more difficult time as a Constructor or some outlanders.
  10. Mark charges for Outlanders. It makes them happy. You also get a small speed boost from marking them. So win/win (Credit OWNfoot)
  11. Grenades will detonate Sploder tanks that are on the ground. You can shoot the tanks while the propane husks are still carrying them to set the tanks off. You can knock the tanks around with a melee weapon, though this will ignite them. This works even when the tanks are in the air. (Batter up!). Don't melee/grenade propane husks in trap tunnels. (Honsoku)
  12. Read Reddit a lot. There is a lot of info on here.
  13. When you take your weapon to 2 star you need Silver to make it. So if you don’t have silver you will not be able to make your weapon. When you take your weapon to 3 star it will take Malachite to make it so if you don’t have any you can’t make your weapon.
  14. Read about upgrading your weapons to Obsidian/Shadow Shard it is important and will save you heartache later. From what I have been told the general meta is everything is shadow shard except missile and grenade launchers.
  15. There are hundreds of posts about “Are these decent rolls, is this a good weapon, etc…” take a moment to read the reddit and your can find you answer. Generally, crit damage is not good without crit chance. Extra damage is good because well it is damage. You want weapons to have an element on them for later in the game. Extra damage to afflicted targets is not good if the weapon does not cause affliction damage. Damage to staggered, slowed, knocked back, etc… is not good if the weapon does not stagger, slow, knock back, etc… the target.
  16. You cannot repair weapons. You have schematics and when the durability of you weapon gets low; you make a new one and recycle the old one.
  17. Don’t shoot Flingers. Go and melee them they die so much faster.
  18. Farm materials, put them in your storm shield and then repeat. That way when you are ready to build your storm shield you have a ton of materials to build with.
  19. Do not recycle all the stuff you do not need. Recycle your blue schematics/heroes/survivors/defenders. Then transform your green and grey schematics/heroes/survivors/defenders into survivors. Then you transform your green survivors into grey survivors. Then transform 2 grey survivors into 1 grey survivor. This will next you a metric ton of survivor XP which you will need to level them.
  20. You increase your power level (PL) (that little lightning bolt in the corner) by opening survivor slots with skill points and research points. You then socket the survivors you find in llamas and via quests in those slots. You can also level them up to further increase your PL. You want to make sure your leader type matches the slot type that you are putting them in for maximum bonus. Later you can start matching up personality type to your leader type for further bonuses.
  21. There are multiple “inventory” slots. You have schematic/hero/etc… inventory where you can store things like schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, etc…(You see this when you go to your armory). Then you have storm shield storage which is like your personal bank (You see this when you got to your storm shield and go to the control panel and pick storage) and then you have your personal inventory (You see this in a mission when you open your inventory) where you hold crafted traps, weapons, materials, etc…
  22. Retrieve The Data balloon is visible in the sky from the start if you want to locate it quick, and you only need to build around one of the four tiles it can land in. The landing point is marked. Once it lands the orange field goes and you can put missing walls / ceiling in. (Credit tom1383)
  23. When you get your AoE heal for Adrenaline Rush you can heal wounded survivors. So if they get low on HP use it to prevent them from dying.
  24. Make unlocking survivors in research trees as a priority, then the other helpful research elements like moving on to the next tree asap before filling up the first one, getting party bonuses over standard when applicable, etc. (Credit Coppertouret)
  25. A normal mission caps out at 4 people in the mission. Defenders count as a person. So if you have 4 people in the mission you can’t place a defender. If you have 3 people 1 person can place a defender, etc… The four people missions (marked with the 4-people icon) can have additional defenders. (Honsoku)
  26. Constructor bull rush can break the charges of Smahers and Takers.
  27. Soldiers and Outlanders can avoid fall damage by using Shockwave and Phase Shift respectively. I believe Constructors can do the same using Bull Rush but I am not sure if that is still working as I don’t play them often. If someone comments about this I will update this part. (Hilaryze_Clinton): Ninjas can also use double jump when close to the ground to avoid fall damage.
  28. You can mark target of importance (Middle mouse wheel with PC not sure on consoles) like Smashers, Flingers and Bosses. This puts a big skull above them that can be seen through terrain and makes them super easy to find for everyone else. Per ItsWatkins: when aiming at the Husk, click R3 on PS4 or R3 if on Xbox One.
  29. Daily log in bonus does not reset. If you miss a day you just miss a day. So if you get day 22 but don’t log in for a week when next you log in you will get day 23 bonuses.
  30. Purple Lobber skulls can be shot out of the air which is really handy. Also these Lobbers need to be a priority on missions when they spawn. They do a ton of damage.
  31. How the element on your weapon works against Elemental Husks: Fire is good against Nature and poor against Water. Nature is good against Water and poor against Fire. Water is good against Fire and poor against Nature. If a weapon is good against an element you do 100% damage. If it’s bad against an element then you do 25% damage. An element used against itself (Example: Fire vs. Fire) you deal 67% damage. Weapons that deal Energy damage do 67% damage to all elemental husks regardless of element. (I am pretty sure of these numbers if I am wrong someone will tell me and I will updated).
  32. All weapons make a trade-off between DPS and Cost. The more base DPS a weapon does, the more expensive it will be to operate (measured in bullets & durability consumed). (Honsoku)
  33. Headshots count a lot. Make them. (Honsoku)
  34. Extra armory space is valuable. If you only bought standard, focus on getting extra armory slots out of the weekly store for the first few weeks and The RNG is a bastard. For your long term sanity (and wallet) don't get tunnel vision around acquiring a certain combination. Use the expanded armory to keep your options open. (Honsoku)
  35. Read the wiki for the squad/support mechanics. Learning how these work is critical. (Honsoku)
  36. Unlike most games, there is almost zero reward for killing things. Not much of a point to engaging targets needlessly. (Honsoku)
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