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I am by no means an expert but I thought I would share some tips that may help newer players. I an currently on page 12/13 in Plank. I am PL 45 with Fort stats in the mid 500's. I mainly play Beserker Headhunter until I can get enough flux to upgrade the rarity of my epic UAH.

  1. Farm in private – nothing is more annoying than a player farming while people are doing the actual work to earn the rewards.

  2. Match your lead survivors to their respective squads. If you do not have a match, use your highest rarity lead in that slot instead.

  3. Try to match the personality of your leads to your survivors in each squad.

  4. Do not trade in game. Go to your homebase for that stuff. Materials needed to do the mission between players is different. Better yet, do not trade at all.

  5. If you have a constructor who actually builds, ask him if he needs materials.

  6. Do not fight in trap tunnels and do not block them with walls.

  7. If you invite others to an SSD, have your base ready to go. You should not be designing when 400 husks are heading to it.

  8. Do not over level your weapons if you do not have access to significant quantities of the next higher tier ore. I generally wait until I have at least 100 before I upgrade even one weapon.

  9. Do not be a troll and start an atlas or van before everyone is ready.

  10. Always repair damaged walls after removing attacking husks from the base.

There is a lot more, but this is a start.

Edit- Spelling and Feel free to add other things you can think of. I feel like half the problems in this game are because newbies are clueless.

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