After 2 seasons of ventures almost gone by, does anyone really not feel like playing next seasons venture?

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - After 2 seasons of ventures almost gone by, does anyone really not feel like playing next seasons venture?

There's something about ventures when I played the first one that sparked a slight interest in wanting to complete it. Being a end game player with almost everything completed, I wanted something different to enjoy in this game. But when the season 2 of ventures came out, I already got tired of dealing with it. I barely got to level 50 this season by just jail building a lot since I rarely found people playing 140 zones.

From what I saw on reddit, not many people felt like playing this season of ventures. One, because of the increased xp required to get to level 50. Two, due to the power level rework the season before this one, you had to get to level 11/12 just to unlock new missions, which was brutal. Three, other than it being a Hexylvania zone with new weapons in vending machines, it's practically the same as season 1 of ventures. And four, the rewards for this season don't feel like its worth grinding for. They increased the rewards barely and the extra boost for our weapons barely have any use, since almost anything past 140 involves trap tunnels or jail builds.

The state of development said that they added ventures to add replayability once we were done with the "finished" campaign. But after 2 seasons of it, I'm not getting my hopes up for season 3 to much. All that we can expect as a change is maybe increased rewards, the zone being Crackshot's Neighborhood, and there being holiday weapons in the vending machine. The zone modifier hasn't been confirmed yet, but I hope it isn't like the one we got for season 1. My issue is that if those are the only changes, then I'm going to do the same thing as this season, just jail build Retrieve the Data late game and suffer early game. And sadly, it's not fun to me and maybe many of you.


Every season of ventures should feel unique, either adding new husk types, or maybe new missions. A modifier that feels like a change of pace in a mission, that ultimately doesn't ruin certain builds like the modifier from season 1. Ventures should be replayable, but also fun. And so far, I haven't experience to many good memorize playing it.

Actually, I suffered more playing it. The amount of bugs this season made ventures really annoying. I make a jail build, lose files due to pitcher husks and AOE attacks, and sit their until the missions is done. Rinse and repeat that x100 times. And all that xp lost because of those bugs could have made me get to level 50 like a week quicker. But epic hasn't fixed it yet. If you think that is fun, then it doesn't sound like it to me.

Ventures needs change, and it needs it now. Because at this rate, ventures is going to be another good idea, executed poorly type idea made by the devs.

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