After 4-5 months of playing literally every day, I’ve finally lost my motivation to keep playing

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - After 4-5 months of playing literally every day, I've finally lost my motivation to keep playing

I don't know what has caused the issue of low level leechers to suddenly explode in the last few weeks, but it's reached critical mass and it's honestly ruining the game for me and I thought I'd share my most recent/infuriating example of just how bad this problem has become.


I was playing a few nights ago when I found the perfect mission for me. It was a lvl 70 mission, one of only a few I can even access, and it awarded shadowshard I badly need as well as being a mission needed for one of my side challenges as well as my main mission. I was so excited that when I booted it up and saw there were already two players in the match I didn't even think to check their levels before jumping in. A few minutes into the match another player joins and I check to see what everyone's levels are at, with this gem
from the other lvl 17 from the match. Which means that not only did they ruin one match for me, but since these little jerks cant even see the Canny Valley missions yet they were sitting there waiting to see that I joined another match so they could join off my profile. I immediately reported them both for unsporting behavior and blocked them so they can't piggyback off of me. But like all of the other leechers that have popped up lately, they'll find more people to stalk and continue to ruin the game for people.



I know this isn't an easy problem to fix, but this situation has become so bad that almost every single match I join that has any decent rewards is guaranteed to have at least one person ridiculously under leveled that can't/won't contribute at all. As if the grind through Canny wasn't soul crushing enough already. It's been said many times before, but I'll say it again. In the hopes that someone from Epic is reading these posts and realizing that the most dedicated portion of their community is being driven away by these afk/leecher/trade spamming players, who obviously have no real interest in playing the game. This problem HAS to be addressed, or at the very least acknowledged so that we know that it's something they're working. I've been so excited for the perk-recombobulator but now I almost don't even care anymore. Because any match that rewards any of the perk resources is going to be flooded with these terrible kinds of players. I just hope they can do something before I lose all interest and move on to something else.

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