After E3 I’m officially done playing STW

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Epic’s clear intentions are to just follow the money. They never in their history have stuck with a game no matter what. After watching thousands of people cheer for a game that offers them 15 minutes of the same match over and over I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

I have always been attracted to games that will be around for you to see the days upon days you’ve put into it and still keep the experience exciting to keep you putting in more.

After watching the Bethesda stream I realized there’s only a few good companies that deserve my money, that still concentrate man power on the work they created regardless if it’s hot or not. Bethesda for example took a shit dive when they first released ESO in 2014, steam reported only 2,000 daily players once upon a time. But after four years of still pushing content and listening to the community that number has 15x.

It just goes to show that any game can succeed and last a long time if it’s creators just simply care about it.


I’ve put hundreds of dollars into STW and more days (honestly weeks) of game time that I’d like to admit. I think it’s a great game but in this industry that alone just doesn’t make it successful.

Weekly content that honestly is just very shallow did keep me going for awhile just hoping it would get better. But after re skin after re skin and then no news of STW’s future I decided to pack my bags because it doesn’t have a future.

I’ll still visit this sub and if lo behold epic turns their shit around, believe me I’ll back

Edit: You guys can downvote me to hell but answer this. What hurts more- leaving a game you’ve put a lot into and move onto to something more promising? Or watching a game die that you’ve always been into?

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