After playing a few missions at the 108+ here are a few thoughts.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - After playing a few missions at the 108+ here are a few thoughts.

1) Just adding higher level husks doesn't equal more end game content. It just shows how out of touch Epic is with their player base and it was just a lazy move. Yes, I know, "This is just the beginning of end game content to be added" But haven't we also heard that about the report system, UI interface, chat, bugs, etc. and yet here we are months later with nothing. So I do not have any hopes for "future development" in the near future.

2) It makes random matches even worse. Playing in 76-100 missions where randoms either don't build or upgrade or don't know how to build, often because due to the increase in XP they are end twine with little game knowledge, was bad. But, Playing 116+ missions with the same people just makes it beyond frustrating at best and at worst it's a failure.

3) It is nearly impossible to solo anymore. I have tried a few solo missions and I am pretty good at soloing 100 missions. But, with the increase in husk levels it means more traps, which I will get to in just a second, and with propane husks wanting to explode everything that causes them to have the slightest change in their pathing is just frustratingly difficult, not a new dynamic that would benefit end level players. Yes, I found ways to cheese a win even at 128, but should we result to only cheesing our way through missions? This being said, I never failed a mission, but the end result showed me my 4th observation.

4) The rewards are worthless for the expense. The mission rewards do not justify completing the mission. Yes, as a place to farm it is worth it, but as a mission it just isn't. More importantly, it is not sustainable. Meaning you do not get enough rewards to continue to play 116+ missions. The amount of traps, and I am normally spartan with traps, for a short mission is just too high of a cost for the rewards given.


5) Encampment and Radar missions! These are where you will get what you are actually looking for end game players! Unfortunately the amount of rewards per encampment and build seem to be the same, odd Epic, but the level of rewards seem to be higher. You also get what we are actually looking for, usable mats so maybe we can play a few 128 and not be furious at our losses in herbs per mission.

6) 108 and 116 seem to be the sweet spot for "more challenge" and not bankrupting your mats. The husks are still squishy enough to kill with guns and shorter cool-down abilities when exploring and the missions don't require too much extra resources while providing a few moments of increased risk.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed in this update, and after reading submitted bug reports I am, again, fully aware of how little play testing or playing Epic does of their own game. IE: not being aware of the medbot ear splitting sound; epic, it's been around for a while now. I still love this game. I will still play this game, but this "end game addition" I think would have been better suited to a repeatable mission (Homebase or similar) where we do not see all our resources and mats disappear at the end of a mission and we could maybe use them again. Because as it stands, playing anything above 108, unless it is re-perk, is just not worth the resource investment.

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