After playing STW practically non-stop for 43 days straight I finally made it into Twine Peaks

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Hey guys, story time.

So I got Save The World on May 1st when Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale came out. I saw videos on YouTube about STW and it looked pretty cool and interesting to me, but I didn't know if it was worth it or not so I always held back on getting it until I made that final push and got it. At first I bought it initially to get v-bucks for BR (and because a friend or two told me to get it, for of course, the v-bucks and that it was fun) and made calculations in my head about how much return would I get in v-bucks for my purchase of STW, but I started playing it more and more and got hooked on it. I loved learning all the various things about STW as I played and felt my time and efforts were rewarded. I played with my friends at first and had tons of questions because there's really no tutorials for STW. Those friends ended up not playing STW for too long (they were actually head of me, one of them in Plankerton and the other in Canny Valley while I was just starting in Stonewood) and went back to playing BR so I was on my own for the second half of my journey.

Many of my questions I had at one point in time I searched on the internet and found my answers. STW is such a good game and I played it with a lot of passion and intensity. Putting sooo many hours into it. I've had good and bad experiences during my missions and met all kinds of people from anywhere to the slackers, beggars — just straight up leechers (severely under leveled players) to the hard workers and helpful and amazing teammates.

My schedule was literally go to work, fortnite STW, sleep, back to work, and rinse and repeat. While I was at work all I could ever think about was playing fortnite STW and trying to progress further. I even browsed the both subreddits (lurked for a long time) before I finally made a Reddit account. It's all I ever did and I pretty much left BR behind at that point. At first I had small goals — completing one quest to two quests and my goal kept expanding more and more. Before I knew it I passed Stonewood and was on the Plankerton's quest line.


Mid Plankerton my one friend left STW (the other one didn't really play much to begin with so he wasn't really in the picture for my journey) for the most part because of how grindy each quest and mission were and I decided to dedicate myself and commit to getting into Canny Valley where I heard only good things about that area. After reaching that goal I was working on the Canny Valley quest line and my next goal slowly evolved into making it into Twine Peaks and I made it happen. Once I commit to something I do it whether I didn't feel like it or not. So although there were some days I didn't really feel like playing STW (it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows), like I would rather watch a movie or TV shows instead, I still played it because I knew I would thank myself later for toughening it out and keep pushing forward (and boy did I). Late Canny (64+ and 70+ zone) I compensated for my lack of power level (I wasn't severely under leveled, but I knew I was under leveled) by being Powerbase Knox and helping the team by being a constructor and building defenses and being as helpful as I can (working on the main objective) while everyone else was usually a soldier, ninja, or an outlander.

It's been 43 days since I started playing STW and I went from Stonewood all the way to Twine Peaks. The grind was real. I had 68 skill points saved up and used it as soon as I beat Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 1. I'm currently PL 61 and just looked at Twine Peaks quest line and saw there was 100 quests in total… Oh God…. The grind never stops does it? Should I even start?… Fu*k it, I might as well, right?

I think reaching the last area was my main goal after all this time and now that I've reached it, now that I've reached the end game area, I feel like I'm in chill mode and slightly less motivated to keep going as hard. I don't know, but yeah STW was totally worth the 40 bucks for me. The funny part was the v-bucks I got from STW that I was initially saving for BR — I ended up spending most of them on llamas, in which from the help of the internet, I learned which were the best llamas to get. You can look up my Epic account: PlayaSkillz to see proof that I'm not lying on my days logged as of this posting into making it into Twine Peaks. I play on Xbox and my gamertag is the same as my Epic account.

The End for now. The story still continues.

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