After struggling for 3 weeks, I finally decided to seek community help here.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - After struggling for 3 weeks, I finally decided to seek community help here.

07 Feb 2021, I tried to log back into my Fortnite account since I quit during Season X, but soon I found out that my account was compromised, then I immediately submitted one ticket to the Fortnite support team.

The process was not easy however, as some of you might also have experienced, they asked for a screenshot of the oldest receipt, IP address, date of creation, location of purchase, last 4 digits of my bank card, date of my last login, external accounts and invoice. My account was created during season 3, which was around three years ago. Many details have already long faded in my memory, but I also tried my best to provide information. However I could not find the oldest receipt, instead, I gave them the only bank statement of one of my purchases. The outcome was in prediction, they said that the information I provided does not match the record, but they did not specify the problem, I knew the problem was at my end, then I quickly went off trying to search for more information.

After 3 weeks of searching, ( from all kinds of social media and I also reset my iPhone back to the iCloud backup I made in 2018). More info was collected at that point, therefore I contacted the support team again on 23 Feb, same things were required and I provided improved information including the same bank statement from last time. This time, they informed me that they still require the screenshot of the oldest receipt and the bank statement does not prove that I’m the owner.

Why do they expect us to find a receipt from 3 years ago?


I reiterate my point that I don’t have access to any receipts. In addition, I provided extra information for them, which includes the first few purchases of the account with time accurate to hour and other game footages. I was also required to communicate with a manager or any form of a representative, but all they did was avoid my questions and keep chasing me for the receipts.

Lastly, I even went as far as providing the physical copy of my passport. And this is their response.

I understand the importance of old receipts and how much they value the privacy of users, but they should give alternatives. Are all those huge chunks of information, proofs and even my passport can’t stand a bit with a financial receipt? The only reason I sent my passport to them is that I still have faith in this system. But in reality, I think they have just taken this a little bit far and unnecessary. At the end of the day, isn’t the purpose of all these complex processes to verify my ownership of this account? Do only financial inputs speak sounds?

So Reddit, what do I do now?

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