All Event Weapon Perk Changes (4.4 Recombobulator Update)

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Hey there, I just wanted to compile a short list with all the Event Weapon Perk changes that are now possible with Update 4.4. Let me know if I missed anything, or I should add in all possible rolls. (This will take longer and look more clustered, but might help more in some instances)

I know that some weapons are missing, that's just because I don't have them. In general, all weapons prior to the Christmas event, The Frostbite, and the weapons of the ultimate Edition. Data on those would be very much appreciated

Cheers, ~DestinySilvade

Nocturno (Don't know all the rolls)

  • Element can be changed. CR/CD/CD is possible, could be stronger than DMGtoAfflicted, although not as reliable


  • DMG/DMG/HS AND Element. Nuff said


  • DMG/DMG instead of FR/RS. More Damage per shot. +225% Mag Size possible if you want to run around with a weapon with roughly 400 bullets in the Mag

Mercury LMG

  • DMG/DMG/DMG possible. One DMG can be HS. Can have double Fire Rate. Can have Triple Mag Size


  • DMG/DMG/DMG possible. DMG/CR/CD/DMGtoAfflicted is still the strongest most likely. One DMG perk shares the utility slot, MagSize/RS/Impact are further options

Founders Revolt

  • Element is the biggest, but you can also go for crits now


  • DMG/DMG/HS/ADS AND Element

Ralphies Revenge

  • DMG/HS/HS, new QoL Choice (Reload/Mag/Dur). Extremely high Damage now, although the explosion isn't as potent with double HS


  • DMG/HS/HS, double HS is always nice on a Sniper

Noble Launcher

  • More Damage, if you swap out Fire Rate. Double Durability possible

Egg Launcher

  • Element Swap possible. DMG/DMG/DMG possible. One DMG can be re-rolled into DMGtoAfflicted. Double Durabilty possible

Quad Launcher

  • If Durability is not wanted, can be swapped to Reloadspeed, and therefore Reloadspeed -> Damage for more Damage. Attack speed can be increased (Unknown effect). Only one crit choice, so worthless perk option

Dragons Fist

  • DMG/DMG/DMG is possible. One DMG perk can be swapped out for Impact, which could be interesting for the weapon. Conditional Slot still locked to Stunned/Staggered/KnockedDown

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