All I want for Christmas is a challenge.

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First off, about me- I'm not going to post my IGN here but suffice it to say that I've basically beaten the game. Trounced it, even. Legendary perks on 130 sunbeam weapons, PL in triple digits, yadda yadda, you know the drill.

What, exactly, is left in Fortnite for me or anyone else of my level to do?

I simply don't care about new heroes anymore, Epic. I don't care about a new gun. These things are not really even additions at this point. I generally don't care about rewards of any kind, actually, unless it's something that alters the gameplay; I have all legendary survivors slotted and I have enough schematics to last me until doomsday, and so does everyone else who's been playing since release.

The new content we have gotten is basically done on the backs of the (excellent) voice actors. That's pretty much all it has going for it- and it can only be gone through once. Yay, awesome, we finally got Canny textures/assets/stuff after a year – only it's just two generally empty areas with a heavy reliance on set pieces. Suburbs, cities, and industrial areas are still the same old Stonewood, only with bigger numbers next to the husks' life bars. I miss Hexsylvania, and I miss the Christmas snow map. Those maps, the big shielders, and the cowboys are all we've gotten in the way of actual new content that isn't some new hero or bullet thrower. Oh boy, Lefty and Righty, Seismic Impact, I really care about even more abilities that I can throw at easy-to-kill enemies and roflstomp them even harder.


I want something that's going to challenge and not bore me, and if I had time I'd be doing Challenge 125 horde bashes (although that obviously gets repetitive fast). It's the closest this game has to doing something difficult and interesting. Maybe I can tide myself over by bringing three lucky low-PL kids to a Cat 4 100 4-player or something, but other than that – what's left?

How about some raids, Epic? How about you spend some of that money you've gotten from BR to hire some real experts and put together something that's an actual fight? How about real bosses like an elemental dragon, a giant monster, maybe something that would be at home in Painkiller or Shadow Warrior? How about some semi-L4D-style "run to the nearest safehouse, build it, defend it, repeat" stuff that makes us feel like the heroes in the original Durr Burger trailer? (I kind of miss Trap the Storm, even though it could have been done far better.) New missions, new enemies, new areas, new combat tactics, new challenges.

You're making absolutely insane QoL downgrades (undo everything that has been done to make STW match BR in look and feel, please), making the game easier at every turn (bring back dura loss on death, and apply it to the whole inventory), and spending inordinate amounts of time and effort on making us overpowered against increasingly helpless enemies. These are the wrong things to be fixated on, and this needs to stop. Make Fortnite a game again.

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