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You can shoot at trees, rocks, and structures to destroy them, but this harvests no resources.
Explore quickly by building your own stairs and bridges.
Explosive weapons do significant damage to structures.
Stand still and aim down sights to increase weapon accuracy.
Hit trees, rocks and other objects with your pickaxe to harvest materials for building.
While building, you can switch between Wood, Stone, and Metal.
Damaging objects near sleeping husks may wake them. Try to be quiet, they need their rest.
You can rotate building pieces before placing them!
You can repair and rebuild at any time. Stock up on resources before defending your base.
Open your inventory to craft ammo, traps, and weapons.
You can edit any building piece, before or after it has been built!
Destroying mechanical objects will give you useful crafting materials.
Destroy rocks and trees to get everything you need for simple traps.
XP Boosts have a chance of appearing in Upgrade Llamas!
Traps are great for base defense, especially when playing alone.
Fortify that fort! Upgraded structures are stronger and last longer.
Smaller building pieces have a variety of uses but reduced hitpoints.
Doors are automatically created if you make space for them in edit mode.
Make sure you search BEFORE you destroy!
Harvesting in a hurry? Aim at the glowing blue circles to break items more quickly!
Traps only hurt enemies, not allies!
Use XP Boosts to gain Account XP at a faster rate!
Editing roof pieces allows you to raise or lower each quarter of the piece.
Be on the lookout for hidden loot and secrets!
Experiment with building piece edits… There are lots of valid shapes.
You can leave notes in the map for others to see!
Use the chat window to talk to your party!
Be sure to build a roof to protect against bombardment by air.
Harvesting tools are much better for farming resources than traditional weapons!
Try making a low wall. You can jump over it and it’ll slow down husks.
Make a balcony with a railing by editing out parts of a floor.
Jump pads are high-flying fun – experiment!
Utilize your Daily Bonus XP by playing missions every day!
Need Duct Tape or Blast Powder? Try crafting some!
Recycling unwanted weapons and traps can give you useful resources.
Gain more XP by playing with others.
Let survivors work for you! Boost your stats by slotting survivors.
Recycling schematics or retiring people returns the XP and resources spent to level them up.
Upgrade Points earned by levelling up can be used to upgrade Gadgets or Tools on the Upgrades Page.
Holding reload will automatically craft the correct ammo type if you have the materials.
Shooting enemies in the head does extra damage!
Sniper Rifles are great for eliminating dangerous enemies at long range.
Shotguns are great for close range combat.
The Constructor B.A.S.E. ability will make friendly building pieces around it stronger!
Constructors place B.A.S.E. on floor pieces, just like a trap.
The Outlander has many abilities and perks that help you farm resources faster!
Keep an eye out for the Radar Tower building mission. It will teach you how to build more complex building pieces!
Weapons don't last forever. Keep a spare at all times!
Husky Husks do a lot of damage to your fort. Try to eliminate them before they reach it!
The Fortitude stat gives your hero more health!
The Offense stat increases the damage done by your hero's weapons!
The Tech stat increases the damage of your hero abilities, gadgets, and traps!
The Resistance stat increases the strength of your hero's shield!
Enemies must deplete your hero's shield before they can damage your health.
Fighting against a Lobber? Try shooting the skulls out of the air.
The Pitcher has a slow wind up. Move out of the way when he starts his throw and you won't get hit!
Upgrade your weapons and traps to unlock powerful Perks!
Evolving your heroes can unlock new abilities!
Auto-Recycle helps manage your Armory by recycling schematics below a set rarity.
Recycle schematics or retire people you no longer want to recover resources used to upgrade similar items.
You can find rare metal deposits inside of caves!
Level up items in your Collection Book to earn more rewards!
Looking for something specific? You can research schematics or recruit heroes in your Collection Book.
The Collection Book stores a copy of each recycled schematic and retired person.
Mission Alerts can be completed once per day for increased rewards.
Everyone in the Hero Loadout contributes Perks, health, shield, and ability damage to the Commander.
You can play any Emote in your collection. Express yourself!

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