All supports/tacticals in the game at a glance

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a few tables for all the support/tactical in the game at a glance. Hopefully this not only help you better plan your loadouts, but also bring about convenience since you no longer have to look all over the place for what is available. Everything will be broken down into sections namely

  • General buffs
  • Range weapon buffs
  • Melee weapon buffs
  • Ability buffs

Here's what the tables will look like along with a short explanation of what all the columns mean

Sub-category which benefits from the effectName of bonus as seen on the heroesSupport or TacticalShort description of what the perk doesBonuses the perk offers, only for support onesThe heroes you can find said perk on

All HeroesFleetSupportMovement Speed6%/9%/12%Wild Fragment/Phase Scout
All HeroesLoot FindSupportChance to find double loot3%/4.5%/6%Recon Scout
All HeroesCaffeine HighSupportEnergy Regeneration12%/18%/24%Skirmisher/Cloaked Star
All HeroesEndurance TrainingSupportMaximum EnergyAssassin
All HeroesArmoredSupportDamage Resistance8%/11%/14%Survivalist/Nevermore
All HeroesHealthySupportMaximum Health10%/15%/20%Controller
All HeroesShieldedSupportMaximum Shield10%/15%/20%BASE/Vintage-Tech/Enforcer
All HeroesQuick ShieldSupportReduce Shield Regeneration Delay10%/15%/20%Dim Mak
All HeroesHotfixSupportBuilding Repair RatePlasma Sentinel
All HeroesPre-PlanningSupportReduce Building Cost4%/8%/10%Hotfixer/Demolitionist
All HeroesFast BuildSupportIncrease Building Speed12%/18%/24%Riot Control/MEGABASE
All HeroesTough TrapsSupportTrap Durability10%/15%/20%Machinist
All HeroesSurvivalistTacticalKilling enemy with ability or weapon recovers 5 base health per second over 3 secondsMaster Grenadier
All HeroesFirewallTacticalTaking melee damage to your shield triggers an energy pulse that knocks back in 0.5 tile radiusTank
All HeroesWhere we're goingTactical10% movement speed on player built floorsTrailblazer
All HeroesBullet BonanzaTactical10% chance to find double ammoGunblazer
NinjaDragon DazeTacticalWhen shield breaks, AoE blast that deals 800 base impact and stuns nearby enemies for 1sThunderstrike
All WeaponsHit'em While They're DownDamage to Stunned/Staggered/KD12%/18%/24%Flash

Ranged Weapons
All RangedQuick ClipSupportReload Speed15%/23%/30%Support Specialist/Cobalt Commando
All RangedWaste Not Want NotSupportMagazine Size10%/15%/20%Centurion/Shock Trooper
All RangedImproved HeadshotsSupportHeadshot Damage13%/20%/27%Urban Assault
All RangedExplosive RoundsTacticalKilling 10 enemies deal damage in a 1 tile radiusNevermore
Assault RifleAssault DamageSupportDamage12%/18%/24%Berserker/Master Grenadier
Assault RifleAssault Critical DamageSupportCritical Damage36%/54%/72%Sergeant
Assault RfileAmmo RecoveryTactical16% chance to generate 1 ammo on damageBullet Storm
ShotgunAdjustable ChokeSupportCritical Rating8%/13%/18%Raider
PistolMake it CountSupportCritical Damage35%/53%/70%Trailblaster
PistolEagle EyeSupportCritical Rating8%/13%/18%Rook
SniperSure ShotSupportCritical Hit Damage36%/54%/70%T.E.D.D Shot

Melee Weapons
All MeleeHeaviest AttackSupportCombo Attack Damage15%/23%/30%Piercing Lotus
All MeleeCorrosionTacticalCritical hits from melee deal 15% of hit damage every 3s while reducing movespeed by 30%Deadly Blade
All MeleeStormborneTacticalMelee kills increase movement speed by 30% for 3sFleetfoot
All MeleeVigorous StrikesTacticalSteal 5 energy every 4 melee hits against enemiesEnergy Thief
All MeleeHearty StrikesTacticalEvery 4th hit with a melee weapon restores 24 base healthAlchemist
All MeleeStun BatonTacticalMelee crits do increased impact and add 1.5s of stun when enemy is interruptedVanguard
BluntHammer Critical ChanceSupportCritical Rating8%/13%/18%Kinetic Guardian/Kinetic Beats
BluntActuated AttacksSupportDamage12%/18%/24%Electro-Pulse/Warden
BluntPunchySupportDamage & Impact6%/9%/12%Striker/The Dark Viking
EdgeKeen EdgeSupportCritical Damage35%/53%/70%Brawler
EdgeAnatomy LessonsSupportCritical Rating8%/13%/18%Deadly Blade/Harvester
EdgeFive Winds CutSupportDamage12%/18%/24%Swordmaster
SwordAssassinationTacticalDealing sword damage grants one stack of AssassinationExplosive Assassin
Harvesting ToolWork, WorkSupportDamage12%/18%/24%Pathfinder

All AbilitiesAbility DamageSupportDamage10%/15%/20%Shuriken Master/Bladestorm
Frag GrenadeCluster BombTacticalRelease 6 explosions around impact site that do 12.5% damage eachDouble Agent
Frag GrenadeFlashbangTacticalIncreased impactSpecial Forces
Frag GrenadeRucksackTacticalIncreased grenade ammo countDemolisher
Frag GrenadePlasma GrenadesTacticalFrag Grenade afflict targets dealing 8% energy damage every 0.5s for 3sPlasma Specialist
ShockwaveEscape ArtistTacticalShockwave boosts movement speed by 35% for 4sSwordmaster
ShockwaveShock PulseTacticalShockwave grants 40% damage resistance for 6sShock Specialist
War CryPracticed In CombatTacticalIncrease War Cry durationFirst Shot
War CryBorn to KillTacticalIncrease maximum shields by 25% during War CryStonefoot
B.A.S.EPower ModulationTacticalStructures attached to B.A.S.E regenerate healthPower BASE
B.A.S.EFeel The BaseTacticalBASE explodesHeavy BASE
DECOYDecoy StunTacticalWhen decoy is destroyed/expires, it creates an explosion that deals impact and stuns enemies for 1.5sRiot Control/Kinetic Beats
DECOYYour Move, CreepTacticalDECOY periodically damages enemies within attraction radiusTrailblaster/The Dark Viking
Bull RushBloody BullTacticalAfflicts damaged targets dealing 30% extra damage per second for 3sDragon
Bull RushChina ShopTacticalBull Rush now deals damage to non-friendly buildingsStriker
Crescent KickPlasma BootsTacticalCrescent Kick applies affliction for 3s and deals extra energy damage every 0.5sKinetic Guardian
Smoke BombSmokescreenTacticalSmoke bomb restores shield to full strengthMEGABASE
Throwing StarsFan of StarsTacticalThrowing stars are thrown instantly in a spreading arcThe Cloaked Star
Throwing StarsLucky StarsTacticalThrowing stars cause 40% extra headshot damageUrban Assault
Kunai StormKunai BarrageTacticalIncrease number of Kunais thrown by Kunai Storm by 6 and damage by 25%Bladestorm
Shadow StanceSneaky SneakyTacticalIncreases movement speed by 20% for 5sRook/Phase Scout
Phase ShiftPhase BlastTacticalPhase Shift causes a blast, knocking enemies backSergeant
T.E.D.D.YGrizzled VeteranTacticalIncreases T.E.D.D.Y duration by 5sCommando/Cobalt Commando
T.E.D.D.YBear StareTacticalT.E.D.D.Y now fires eye beams that deal 26 base energy damageReclaimer
Loot LlamaLlocked & LoadedTacticalLlama Fragment now drops ammoGunblazer
Anti-Mat ChargeKinetic PunchTacticalIncreases impact & knockback of AMCElectro-Pulse
Anti-Mat ChargePressure PointsTacticalAMC slows enemy movement speed by 30% for 7sShuriken Master
Shock TowerShocking EmbraceTacticalIncreases duration of Shock Tower by 2s if placed with Charge FragmentShock Gunner

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