Am I a bad boy?

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So I'm about to go into a mission and I see someone ask for help on plank ssd6 so I say I'll help in chat. I get in and he needs to build up his new amp as they always do 10 minutes down the drain. It's starts after he searches (no one came) and I go to defend against 1st wave after killing stuff for about minute or so I notice the host is siting on top amp and is only shooting the children husks that jump on him. Moving on to wave 2 I go across the map and post in chat "are you even here?" As he hasn't moved yet I decide to check if he's really afk and let a husk or 50 bang on his walls and he magicly bolted across the map to help great guy I started to kill everything again. On our way to wave 3 he actually comes along and this time he actually placed his base (he was a constructor who knew never saw blue wall b4 that point) and I go to killing till i see someone's not moving again and we repeat the cycle I stand next him and shoot at him while husks break few things till he decides to start shooting and I go back to killing till see he stops again and I stop and we repeat this few times till wave 3 ends. We move on to wave 4 it's a kill wave and I say in chat "I'm about to leave" still no response, I kill all but exactly 4 adds to end the wave they destroy half his amp b4 he figures out what a gun is. We move on to wave 5 i went the wrong direction my mistake for bit (wink) so he has kill stuff in the beginning and after I notice he's handling giant wave I come running start killing everything untill well you know by now he doesn't move and I was to torn from losing my new friend to continue fighting and the husks ripped apart his amp like a tissue and it fails. For the future if anyone wants help in a ssd they should help in the ssd as well otherwise it's a carry and they should call it that.


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