Amazon Echo (Alexa) integration

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Wouldn't it be great to be able to hot-swap or craft a weapon in game (since there is no hot-swap wheel for weapons like there is for traps), drop materials and change loadouts (save and load) without having to go to menus and submenus stopping you completely for a couple of seconds at a time? What about being able to switch your squad on the go depending on your mission without having to potentially have to click 18 times? Or maybe recycle all the rare (blue) weapon schematics you just got from a llama?

The possibilities are limitless.

For those who do not know, Amazon echo is a vocal assistant that can learn to do different things via skills. They made a free skill for Destiny 2, allowing to control your equipment loadouts and much more.

Given the success of Fortnite, it makes sense to develop such a skill. It can even be used in Battle Royale to switch weapons from a slot to another, drop weapons and ammo, or change your locker loadout in a second.

Loadouts have been suggested before but require some thought to put in the game because it requires more menus, UI assets. But a skill doesn't require any of that.

The Amazon Echo skill could be named "Ray" as it is the assistant in Fortnite like Ghost in Destiny 2.

Here are a few example of commands to give to your Amazon Echo :

  • "Alexa, ask Ray to equip/craft/recycle my Super Shredder in slot 1."

  • "Alexa, ask Ray to switch to my water (or any name) loadout."

  • "Alexa, ask Ray to drop 500 wood." (+ confirmation or not)

  • "Alexa, ask Ray to recycle all my (new) blue weapon schematics" (+ confirmation)

  • "Alexa, ask Ray to equip my Radar squad/heroloadout."

And so many and more for Battle Royal aswell.

As for the question of trolls being in the same room or talking via speakers that could potentially recycle/drop your stuff by giving commands, well security measures could be put into place, features locked, settings to change etc.

And Cherry on top, you could do like in Destiny and actually make a speaker in the shape of Ray as collectable like they did with Ghost. How cute would that be!

Let's make this happen!

(TL:DR) An Amazon Echo skill could be made to aid hot-swapping/managing stuff in and out of game like they did with Destiny 2 (but better). This would be a fix to menus after menus of clicking to get anything done or hacing to stop entirely for a few seconds while a patrol spawns on you and kills you. It would also be a small step towards a loadout system.

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