AMC and 8.0

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - AMC and 8.0

While everyone loved to hate Striker, he was arguably the single most versatile character (farming + damage + mobility + impact). And in the right hands, he could be combat-effective.

Update 8.0 has left the AMC ability in a very weird place. Here's a down-and-dirty summary.

  • I do not have a base damage value. Base impact is 240.
  • There is no longer a cooldown, hence the absence of the Structural Strike and Fist of the South Moon perks we used to have. Instead AMC is entirely spammable, limited only by the Energy you have available.
  • AMC is available on every Outlander.
  • There are now three heroes that buff AMC, and none of them are in the base game.
    • Bloodfinder
      • Commander – Increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 225%.
      • Standard – Increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 75%.
    • Valkyrie
      • Commander – Increases Anti-Material Charge impact by 600% and adds knockback.
      • Standard – Increases Anti-Material Charge impact by 245% and adds knockback.
    • Archeolo-Jess
      • Commander – Increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 128%.
      • Support – Increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 28%.
  • AMC can now only be activated with the pickaxe out. This is possibly the single biggest drawback to AMC introduced with 8.0, as players must now swap from their equipped weapon to the pickaxe in the middle of a fight before being able to use this ability. Seeing as two out of the three heroes dedicated to this ability are entirely combat oriented, one would expect AMC to remain practical during combat. It is not.
  • Concerning Energy usage:
    • With a standard unperked Outlander, each AMC use costs 45 energy. This means the ability can be cast twice from a full energy bar before having to pause for more energy to accumulate.
    • With Archaeolo-Jess in the Support squad, each AMC use costs 35 energy. This STILL means the ability can only be cast twice from a full energy bar before pausing for more energy to accumulate. You just won't have to pause quite as long before your third use.
    • With Archaeolo-Jess as your Commander, each AMC use costs 19 energy, allowing for 5 AMC uses before the need to wait for more Energy. If you're planning on AMC being your primary means of gathering mats, this hero cannot be skipped.
    • For reference, Striker's AMC used to only cost 10 Energy when he was leveled up.
  • If you want the best AMC possible, you are now locked into a single Team Perk: Long Arm of the Law. This increases AMC's range by 1 tile. (I may be wrong, but I believe this is still 0.5 tiles shorter than Striker's.)
  • For combat purposes, aside from the unwieldy activation process, you now have to essentially choose between three options that were all available together in Striker's kit:
    • Decent damage
    • Frequent use
    • Effective staggering/knockback.

To recap, if you're attempting to reproduce Striker's most basic kit you'll need 3 specific event heroes, the willingness to forego all Team Perks except for Long Arm of the Law, the tolerance of a shorter range, and the acceptance of either lower damage, lower impact, and/or less frequent use. That, and the patience to put up with constantly swapping through your pickaxe to get from weapons to AMC during a fight. The only two bright aspects are its universal availability for Outlanders and the possibility of stringing multiple AMCs back to back with no pauses in between. But why would I want to have a relatively bad availability both universally available and on short cool down?


AMC needs some love. As it stands, it's a weird red-headed stepchild who doesn't quite know its place in this family of abilities.

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