An easy way to farm Survive the Storm

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. Everyone wants legendaries, I mean who doesn't right? Conveniently, this "Into the Storm" event can be exceptionally rewarding in that regard as covered in my other post. However, knowing what the rewards are isn't the same as understanding how to farm it. Today, I want to talk about my strategy for farming survive the storm. While it isn't the most efficient, it is definitely one of the easiest and most cost-effective means of doing so.

Feel free to skip to "The Result" if you only want to see what it looks like

The Setup

For the mission, there is really only 2 missions that give legendary rewards being the 7 days version of the PL40 and PL70 respectively. Personally, the PL70 variant is more efficient because not only are you obtaining more tickets and experience, the legendary reward can also end up being schematics whereas you only get transforms for the PL40 one. However, I'm lazy and don't want to invest too much effort into doing it, nor do I wish to spend valuable resources placing down traps. As such, I choose to run the 7 days PL 40 Survive the Storm.

For my hero loadout, I run

  • Main : MEGABASE Kyle
  • Support : Shuriken Master Sarah
  • Tactical : Power Base Penny

Some alternatives could include

  • Running Heavy BASE in tactical which offers better protection against husky husks but once again, I'm lazy so Power Modulation from Power Base makes it such that I don't have to worry about chip damage on walls

  • Running Power BASE in main would let you get recycling but I don't like the idea of giving up electric floors

  • Running Heavy BASE in main is technically superior to running MEGABASE in main since you only lose out on some electric walls damage which isn't extremely consequential

Putting the pieces together

So since the whole idea of this setup is to be able to

  • Not have to use any traps in the defense
  • Not have to pay too much attention to the defense

It utilizes the power of BASE, specifically electric floors as well as the reflect damage on its walls to kill all the husks except lobbers, husky husks, blasters and smashers who will then be taken out by the players or our defenders. In fact, I noticed that the reflect coupled with electric floors could do enough damage to kill non-elemental husky husks as well for the earlier nights. In terms of raw numbers

  • PL40 enemies goes up to level 58, about < 8000HP on regular husks
  • PL40 stats are capped at 1060
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With my loadout being

<30> MegaBASE Kyle + <40> Shuriken Master Sarah + <30> PowerBASE Penny

  • Electric floors with a base of 3 damage does 317 damage every 2 seconds to husks. Against the regular husk, that would take 50 seconds.

  • Wall reflects with a base of 13 damage (should be close to this number. I haven't been able to accurately deduce this) does 2027 damage everytime the husk hits . Against the regular husk, that takes maximum 4 hits.

Putting those 2 together, we roughly get husks that kill themselves on our bases without us ever putting in any effort. If you were to maybe

  • Drop the 20% bonus from SMS, your damage will be around 1688.81 which takes like 5 hits
  • Drop the MEGABASE (50% additional damage perk), your damage will be around 1351 which is like 6 hits
  • Drop both the above and your damage is around 1126, 7 hits

So squeezing out all these damage is essentially a quality of life move since less hits on walls = less likely that walls die = less attention needs to be paid. Also in case you are wondering of some alternatives,

  • Running a Ninja in tactical for the higher HAD but losing power modulation. The BASE now hits 2330 which takes ~4 hits which isn't an improvement from if we ran the constructor in terms of hits taken

  • Running Heavy BASE in tactical for the explosion which would deal 4677 damage, not meaningful for regular husks which dies anyway and not impactful enough for taking out husky husks which usually has 5x the health of regular ones

The result

Numbers aside, the best part about this whole setup is that

  • It is easily accessible to mid-tier players without access to Twine
  • Easy to cap out on stats even by yourself
  • Don't need any traps at all so no resources used

This is a screenshot taken from a public match with randoms (note the white names instead of green if you were partied up). Some interesting things to note is that

  • Everyone is playing a Constructor for some reason. 2 of them were playing Power BASE and 1 of them was on Heavy BASE. Everyone also happens to be pretty high PL so I suppose they realized this was an easy way to farm rewards

  • If you look on the map, we used 0 traps. My inventory is 199/200 which is pretty much untouched (honestly I went into it at 18x/200 and picked up some traps from supply crate so it actually went up)

  • My resources are pretty much untouched (sitting at 5K) and I definitely upgraded plenty of walls as well as dump down a lot of the wooden floors

  • My ammunition was barely touched either. I didn't actually use my guns for most of the game and relied mostly on the sword. The durability loss is how much I used because I crafted it at the start of the match after giving my other already-used one to my defender.

For those curious, this is the screenshot for the score screen (Heavy BASE was so heavy he took on the form of the truck). The score doesn't really mean anything here and everyone contributed just as much. We pre-built all the generators during the night defense so we skipped the day as soon as the option came up and managed to narrow to defense down to an hour.

The Conclusion

This isn't the most efficient way to farm Survive the Storm but it is definitely a lot more accessible to the general player base who isn't yet in Twine. It is also very cost effective while offering a fairly relaxed, laid back playstyle. The only issue we had was on one of the nights where propanes were blowing up generator D and we just didn't happen to have anyone close by. Even so as you can see from the screenshots, it didn't really take much damage.

Once again, thanks for reading through my post and I hope this will give you guys a decent idea of one method to farm this event. If you have any strategies that you wish to share, feel free to do so in the comments below. Lastly to the people who were in game with me, I was really surprised on the lobby screen when I saw 3 other Constructors :D.

TL;DR Farm PL40 – 7 days using Megabase + Shuriken Master + Powerbase

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