An Introductory Guide to Frostnite

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - An Introductory Guide to Frostnite

Hey mates, and happy 7.1! So while the StW is still down from that pesky Storage wiping bug (yes mine is gone too, but I’m not much bothered by it) we’re all left to chatter about that new game mode!

edit: I wrote this during downtime but couldn’t post it. Also looks like I was spot on for not worrying, as all our inventories are back. I won’t rub in the ‘I told you all so’ too much. :p

First and foremost – no, it is not just survive the storm from last year, or prior events. It is quite different. I’ve only gotten a couple rounds before the shutdown, but I’ve gleaned enough to offer up this introduction to anyone who either hasn’t had a chance to play it yet, or may be a bit confused as to what it is.


Gameplay / Objective:


Frostnite is in its own zone, after Twine Peaks – but accessible to everyone similar to all event game modes. You will have only 1 option for level of zone to enter for Frostnite, and it is based on your Storm Shield completion. Players will be able to enter up to a PL 100 zone for Frostnite.

Cueing in public will get you into a lobby with 3 other players, and upon loading in, you’ll be confined to a small waiting area similar to CtH, until all 4 players are loaded and ready to go.

The Frostnite Gametype:

You have one objective, a burning yule in a 1 x 1 tile space with 2 tiles of height. If you’re not familiar, that’s the same objective size as a Retrieve the Data objective, but one story taller.

The objective starts at full health, and you begin with a short setup time of only a couple minutes. Time is TIGHT in this game mode; do not get comfortable, or underestimate the pressure it puts you under. As time goes on, the yule will burn, and the ojective health will decrease on its own.

You can add Bluglo to the objective at any time to increase its health. Once the yule gets below 75% health, an eye of the storm effect on the map will be created. For those who are unfamiliar, this means a storm wall – outside of which you will take damage, centered on the objective will start to close in on you. Adding Bluglo to restore the yule to full health, will remove the eye of the storm effect, and the whole map is accessible again – when the yule is at full health. (or above 75%.

After the brief setup time, you will face a first wave of enemies based on a time limit. When you complete the wave, you have a very short setup time again before the next wave. Each wave you complete, raises the level of all enemies in the zone.


There is no definitive end to the gametype besides reaching a failure point, by all players dying – or the yule being extinguished by time or enemies attacks. Players going down cannot be revived by teammates, but will be revived each round automatically.


Inventory and Loot Systems:

Starting Inventory:

Players do not load in with their inventory. Your backpack in Frostnite is separate from your regular inventory, similar to Challenge the Horde. You will start with 2 properly levelled blue weapons based on zone PL. The weapons you start with also vary based on what class you pick. For example Constructors start with a shotgun and bat. Soldiers start with AR’s and a separate melee. You also spawn in with a few mats, like a mechanical part, duct tape, some twine, but not much. Not enough to craft nearly anything.

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Looting / Farming:

This is incredibly important in Frostnite, so stow that hate for pathfinders for a moment, as a team player who loots could be very valuable in this game mode, provided they’re working with the team.

All looting / harvesting in Frostnite yields double loot, meaning when you search a container, or break an object, the mats or items you receive are doubled. This is how you’ll get the valuable resources you need, to make actual weapons, and traps.

This is an almost Battle-Royale like factor to the game mode, because it is absolutely mandatory at least one player be out searching the map, picking up crafting mats, crystal, ore, traps, weapons, building mats and most importantly Bluglo for the base. The map is static, meaning it doesn’t change for each game, and locations stay the same. You’ll want to make note of locations that have lots of lootable containers, and chests, so you know where to search first to get started and get weapons.

There are caves, which have numerous crystal and ore deposits, as well as coal and quartz, there are stores which have cars out front for mechanical parts, and there are natural zones with plenty of trees and rocks. I’d wager there’s a number of secrets we’ve yet to discover too – that will be very beneficial to loot for this gametype.

Supplemental Supply sources:

Thank goodness, they added enemy drops for mats in a patch long ago. You’ll need all the extra mats you can manage, and thankfully there’s a few sources.


Lone Krampus Smashers: These big baddies are smashers with a neat cosmetic overhaul that pose some threat early game, they enrage when damaged, and aren’t quick to take out with only blue weapons. But killing them should ALWAYS be a TEAM priority, not just a soldier or outlander’s job. Killing a Krampus Smasher will get you Bluglo, but also a gauranteed small amount of mats – including potential power cells, crystal, and ore.

Supply Drops: Again similar to Battle Royale, there are intermittent supply drops in Frostnite. These are announced by the Director, and can easily be spotted by scanning the sky quickly when you hear the cue. They appear as balloons, drifting down with a light-laden crate beneath them. Where they land, there may be Krampus smashers, so beware. Opening a supply drop rewards a considerable amount of weapons, traps, and crafting materials. It can be tempting to hoard this to yourself, but it’s HIGHLY beneficial to pass out weapons as they need be distributed, and pool the materials for the team. There CAN be multiple supply drops at once, so don’t always head to the same one as teammates, and fight them for the loot.

Christmas Trees: Mostly a gag, there are christmas trees scattered throughout this psuedo-city snow biome of frostnite, and beneath them all – presents! Each present contains coal, because lets face it, we’ve all been bad.

— —

Strategy Basics:

Heroes / Team Comps:

Ability based heroes are going to be exceptionally strong; just like in CtH. Lo and behold, we just got an event Enforcer too, so, well we know what that means. It is VERY MUCH to your whole teams advantage though, to both diversify and coordinate who brings in what. 4 Enforcers may not be the answer, similarly 4 Controllers may not be either.

It’s definitely a huge help, if you go in with friends, – to have a designated resource gatherer or two. We all know who does this well, because we hate to see them in group missions. The time restraints on Frostnite could warrant those picks though, given how quickly they can get mats and loot. Soldiers will want things like shockwave, debilitating shots, and Keep Out Grenades over just weapon damage classes, Ninjas could be valuable crowd clear – OR weapon focused, given the no ammo cost of melee and recent buffs – Outlanders could instead be crowd clear, and Constructors may want to opt for Decoy or Kinetic Overdrive options over massive Bases. The objective is small, and if you do want to do a BASE constructor, consider using it between enemy spawns and the objective rather than just right on top of the yule.

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I’ve seen mostly RtD-like setups so far, with inverted stairs or ramps on all sides of a simple box around the yule. You WILL NEED to leave windows, or a door to access the Yule to continue putting in Bluglo, so don’t build solid walls on all 4 sides. Other builds may be better too; considering not everyone may have floor launchers to put beneath all those inverted stairs right away, but the RtD box with stair launch areas may still be optimal.

Spawns change by wave, so it’s not just one direction you’ll be defending from. Spawns can repeat though; so trap tunneling is still strong. Funnels and bottlenecks are very effective provided your team is cooperating as well; but beware being overrun without everyone’s optimal weapons and mass of traps.

Enemies / Combat:

Thank goodness there are no elemental enemies in Frostnite. The first waves are very simple, mostly plain husks and some huskies. This is easily possible with just the default Blue weapons and some basic abilities. Don’t get comfortable though, as things quickly escalate, without pause.

By the fourth or fifth wave you’ll see full on hordes accompanied by lobbers, blasters, smashers, etc. All Smashers are Krampus Smashers, and reward Bluglo – so they’re even more of a priority than before. Lobbers are a real nuisance, so if you have the mats – build roofs and roof cover with Metal ahead of time for max durability. Or, if you need to – wood for fastest repair time.

The inner walls should all be metal considering there’s no lightning / nature enemies, and you need the durability – but don’t neglect taking advantage of wood by building funnels and bottlenecks near enemy spawn locations to prevent large scattered hordes.


This is not a simple or easy game mode, and I’m personally very grateful it seems like we have something on our hands that could actually be a bit challenging. Going in with friends is even more appealing now more than ever, but don’t hesitate to try those Pugs! There’s already been good success stories of random encounters in Frotsnite. Good luck commanders, and keep that yule burning!

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