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Now im like 90% sure this has been said multiple times and im sorry if it has, or if this is identical to what someone has posted.

So i was watching some old fortnite videos and saw one where a lady was saying how you farm mats during the day but during the night the husks come out. Now we have this kinda as an event mission. But i want something more like 7 days to die.

7 days to die is a open world survival game, its kinda identical to minecraft in some ways, such as there are mobs during the day but very few and lots during the night. And its a building survival game.

Basically i would love it if epic made a map 4-7 times larger then the BR map and made it open world, maybe do what minecraft does and have it randomly generated every inch.


Have no timer for it, make it like the SSD where when you leave it saves everything. Another reason for this thought was the main 2017 trailer. And how it had a horror aspect to it, something which fortnite stw needs imo. Another idea is to replace the SSD with this open world idea and the more you do for that area the more you unlock. Because the SSD area is definitely underused and could have some sort of improvements imo. And give us an actual home base where we can customize it and build it how we want.

You can add random incounters, like head to this city and deply the atlas to rid the area of the storm. You know add more life into this game.

I would love to see the dig in and survive mission expanded on and improved. Obviously this would take alot of effort and time for epic to do this but i think if done well would benefit stw significantly.

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