An optional voice change for RaY.

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For starters, I am not talking about replacing the voice actress for RaY. I think we can all agree that RaY is an amazing character, and no one should ever replace her.

However, if you look at some other games, it is possible to earn additional voice packs for announcers. And whilst I am a big fan of RaY, I think it would be interesting to be able to earn a way to get another announcer: Enter LuCaS, and a potential questline to earn a new friend.

LuCaS would function the same role as RaY: Telling us to 86 'em, assisting us in our time of need, and companionship during the end of the world. You could alternate between the two whenever you'd like!

Without further ado, lets see how you would obtain LuCaS.


Quest 1: All you need is BOT.

Start of Quest.

RaY: Commander, can I speak to you for a moment? I know that saving the world is our number one priority at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing saving all of these people, but.. I can’t properly talk to any of them, you know? I feel a little lonely. I used to have the likes of SEE-bot, but. We kiiinda sent him into Canny Valley and didn’t see him after. And I know I have Syd and Lars, but they seem just fine talking to each other about music and the end of the world. And Dr. Vinderman.. Enough of that, I want to ask you for help. Could you help me find some Voice Emulation Modules? It’s for a.. Personal Project.

Find 15 Voice Emulation Modules in a 52+ Zone (Often found in electrical equipment)

Reward: 150 Gold, 100 RE-PERK.

End of Quest.

RaY: These. Are. Perfect! These will do fine, Commander. Thank you! Now, if you could come with me for a second, we can discuss part two.


Quest 2: Sheltering Supplies.

Start of Quest.

RaY: Now that we have the modules, I will need something to shove them into. The nearby Survivor Shelters have exactly what I need, but they will need to be repaired before I can reach them. If you can take care of the shelters, I will probably be able to get what I need.

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Complete 3 Repair the Shelter missions in a 52+ Zone. Reward: 5000 Survivor EXP, Epic Survivor.

End of Quest.

RaY: Okay, let’s see.. Perfect fit! However, we’re not quite done yet. I'm going to need your help with some other things.


Quest 3: Inspection Day.

Start of Quest.

RaY: Commander, have you ever seen.. Interesting looking husks? I know, I know, they’re all an odd bunch, but some of them appear to be on fire, or in a constant state of electricity. You can tell me whatever you want, but I don’t think that’s normal. Luckily, they are actually useful for once! I am looking for a power source that doesn’t include Nuts and Bolts, and those husks may be the answer.

Kill 300 Elemental Husks in a 52+ Zone.


Reward: Choose one: 100 AMP-UP, 100 FIRE-UP, 100 FROST-UP.

End of Quest.

RaY: Okay. That did not work at all. I’m not quite sure why I thought it would, but we’ll need to find another way. Luckily, I have a Plan B.


Quest 4: Homerun.

Start of Quest.

RaY: Okay, Commander, I have been thinking for a little bit and I think I have a solution to my power issue. The Storm, whilst dangerous, seems to be a strong source of power. If you can set up one of these Storm Guiders in the Storm Shield, we should be able to gather enough energy to power up my creation.

Set up a Storm Guider in Canny Valley’s Storm Shield and power it up.

(Storm Guider includes 3 waves of Husks, similar to how a Storm Shield Defence would function. You will gain standard Storm Shield Defence rewards: Hero EXP and Mini Loot Llamas.)

Reward: Random Hardware Schematic, 150 Gold.

End of Quest.

RaY: It worked! It worked amazingly! This will be more than enough energy. And we didn’t even cause total mayhem, nor did we destroy our Storm Shield! .. Not like that was a possibility, of course. Why are you looking at me like that?


Quest 5: Enter LuCaS.

Start of Quest.

RaY: We should be near completion, Commander. There is only one more thing that I need you to do. I want you to take a look around the bunkers of Canny Valley, and find something that Dr. Vinderman may have left behind. I don’t know if it’s there, but if it is, could you find me a Vindertech Animation Activation And Sentience Chip? One of them should do the trick.

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Find a Vindertech Animation And Sentience Activation Chip in a 52+ Zone.

Reward: LuCaS Voice Pack, 100 VBucks, 200 Gold.

End of Quest.

RaY: You actually found one down there? Give it, give it!

Lars: Hey, what’ve you been working on, little robot?

RaY: Something incredible, Lars! Just hold on for a second.

Syd: Oooone. That’s one. One second, show us, Ray.

RaY: Okay, okay! Commander, Lars, Syd, may I introduce you to.. What is your name?

LuCaS: My name. Is LuCaS. Pleasurable to make your acquaintance.

Syd: Hey, he talks! Is this your boyfriend, Ray?

RaY: What? No! He’s just a very ordinary platonic friend that I made. Not my boyfriend. Nope.

LuCaS: Engaging Platonic Protocol.

RaY: Hey, Commander? Thank you. Wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without you. That aside, LuCaS, would you be able to assist us? LuCaS: Happily.

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