[Another Dimension] v15.00 Patch Notes

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - [Another Dimension] v15.00 Patch Notes

Player facing changes

  • Mythic Storm King pre-quest is now locked to Power Level 122

  • Players who got the mythic storm king weapons below Power Level 122 cannot craft, equip, recycle the weapons, or collection book the weapons until they reach the required power level.

  • Storm Shield Defenses are now locked behind power level requirements.

  • We thought about it, and we apologize, outfits system will resume it's support!

  • Save The World is now free to play!

  • Resupply has been reworked. The storm has been removed and farming rate has been increased by an extra x0.75. Making it total x1.75 the framing mount.

  • Dropping items has been removed. But it got replaced by these vending machines from ventures that are now available in normal missions as stashes! In these vending machines, you can store anything for your teammates. But bare in mind. Once you store something, you don't get it back!

  • New hero and schematic sets!

  • Challenge The Horde is back and it's better than ever!

  • Cram Session is now x4 the mount!

  • Introducing perked harvesting tool. Perk your harvesting tool at your wish!

  • Twine Peaks now has a new biome, similar to the Twine Peaks SSD! map interactions included! (lava, geysers and more to explore!)

  • Grasslands, Forests, Suburbs, Industrial and City zones will now use the Battle Royale Chapter 2 assets!

  • Ventures has been completely reworked and now, at level 50 you will get a cosmetic of your choice! choose wisely, because you will only get the chance once! we also thought it was too hard, so we made it that every 2 games of your highest pl mission to do will level you up. this means around 100 to 200 games to max out your rewards!

  • New Marvel Heroes! Now available in the new Marvel Llamas.

  • Grab the Stark Industries Rifle from the llama shop for 1680 gold! a Hybrid Assault Rifle and a Sniper when aiming in.

  • at select times, ALL of the zones will change according to the current event.

    Fortnitemares: more of a autumn suburbs feel + Halloween decorations around the map! take only 1!

    Winterfest: snow. snow and ice everywhere. (except for desert zones.)

Balance changes

  • Those zappers were shooting a little bit too hard. Their recoil has been nerfed.

  • Looks like Love Storm was still roaming out there. Lobber spawn chance has been reduced.

  • Having a problem with those splody boies? Their gas tanks damage has been significantly reduced to buildings affected by B.A.S.E

  • Stop Axe have a legendary variant now and the stats of this great axe has been buffed.


  • Fixed a bug where the husks can damage the objective through the walls

  • Fixed a bug where charging weapons had inferior rate of fire.

  • Various heroes bugfixes.

  • Various abilities bugfixes

  • The game has been heavily optimized on all platforms. Time to unleash that 60 FPS in Save The World on console!

  • Fixed all endurance bugs that causes crashes.

Special thanks to u/RoeiNarkisxD for the extra information!

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