Any good tips/pointers for a newer player (such as myself) on being at Plankerton? OR any tips/pointers in general everyone should know?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Any good tips/pointers for a newer player (such as myself) on being at Plankerton? OR any tips/pointers in general everyone should know?

As of right now I just completed Plankerton SSD1 and I got access to evolutions, expeditions and an additional survivor squad for resistance.

Initially, going through stonewood, I developed a basic understanding of what’s what in the game and how some things work such as Trap Tunnels, how to Farm Gold/V-bucks, how to get Daily Coins (I believe that’s what they’re called), how to Farm Basic Materials and some Crafting Ingredients. But after completing SSD1 Plankerton, the game just seemed to reach a new level of complexity because I was honestly overwhelmed with tutorial quests on all of this.

Anyways here are some tips I could give new players in stonewood after a week of experience I’ve had with the game since I’m now in Plankerton.


•If you’re going in solo for the most part of the game, learn how trap tunnels work and how to build them, later on in the game just your guns won’t cut it, traps are probably if not the best way to kill husks.

-To learn about Trap Tunnels, watch a video or two from David Dean and Litanah, both being YouTubers.

-Use floor spikes in combo with some other wall traps and ceiling traps, floor spikes slow down husks which’ll give the traps a better chance of hitting husks longer or effectively.

•Don’t bother with “trading” high PL weapons, these weapons are scaled down to whatever position you’re at.

-If you’re in need of some items, like to say rusty mechanic parts for example, go ahead and try to trade for them, give the other player some items they may be looking for but that you may have quite a bit of and make the trade as even as possible. If you and this player eventually have trust in each other, you can possibly start trading them for their weapons if you’re into collecting guns or whatever. ALSO, if you are initiating a trade, if the other party tells you to drop your items first, just don’t and keep a fair distance away from them if you don’t have complete trust in the other player.

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•Farming Gold/V-bucks, if you’re looking for gold, go look at the map and look for any missions that reward it, just keep doing these missions and raising the difficulty if you can for more gold. Also, joining lower power level players using the custom option in play with others gives you a chance of playing their storm shield, help them out with the storm shield, for completing storm shield defenses you get mini llamas which have gold in them and if you do a certain amount of SSDs for challenges, you can get 50 V-bucks. A lot of challenges/side quests/daily missions give you v-bucks. If you dedicate enough time to the game, then you can easily earn vbucks. If you’re using a lower level player’s SSD for V-Bucks, at least be nice to them and maybe give them a helping hand with a weapon or items to help them out and as a thanks for letting you play on their SSD. 🙂


•Daily Coins are earned from completing daily quests, daily coins can be used in the event store to buy many things like weapon schematics, heroes, survivors, etc. Same goes for gold, it’s used in the event store.

•Farming Materials/Ingredients, for material farming, use an outlander that has anti material charge which is a punch that effectively gathers resources from an object that gets destroyed by the punch and invest your upgrade points on pickaxe damage.

-If you’re farming specific ingredients like rusty mechanical parts, nuts and bolts, etc. Go to areas with an abundance of metal items like cars, you would want to go to the city or industrial zones, suburban zones work too.

•If you complete plankerton SSD1 and want to evolve weapons, DO NOT evolve them to 3 star, 3 star weapons will require malachite, which is rare in plankerton and is found in Canny Valley. 3 star weapons are also scaled down in Plankerton which doesn’t make them as useful as they may be.

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•Survivors, turn autofil off and experiment with the survivor squads for yourself :). Survivors are key to the game in terms of raising your Power Level if i’m correct.

Those are the tips I have thought of so far and anyone please feel free to suggest any other kind of tip(s) you may have, I may edit this in the future.


•What’s a good overall hero anyone should aim for in getting?

•What’s a good weapon for each of the weapon classes?

•Is it possible to solo the game or are friends a must have?

•What’s the best way to harvest ?

•When leveling up survivors, do you primarily upgrade the squad leader or the squad members?

•What’re some good traps that everyone should have on them?

•Does a hero’s rarity matter?

Sorry for all of my posts in advance, I’m probably asking too much but I just want to get better at the game and possibly help anyone out if I can 🙂

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