Anyone else feel like the game is crying out for a Casual/Competitve Playlist split?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Anyone else feel like the game is crying out for a Casual/Competitve Playlist split?

It feels like every single update, there's a split in opinions. This was optimized by the re-deploy "test", which was just dropped into all modes for 2 weeks, then removed. Almost all the polls I saw go viral had a more or less 50% 50% split in favor/ against re-deploy. These sorts of things should be implemented into a "test server", like the one we had for "Shooting Test 1".

By adding things like re-deploy, planes, swords, "explosive damage through structures" and boomboxes into all modes, it just turns the community against each other. Some things are so obnoxious that everyone bands together and asks for it to be removed (Infinity Blade, Explosions through structures), but most new items are causing a split in opinions between casuals and people who try to play competitively. Which ever side of the fence you are on, its worth listening to what the people that don't agree with you have to say. You have to understand that there will always be people who play this game very sporadically and don't really "play to win", but moreover to just have fun. More and more these people get down-voted to hell and their opinions seen as worthless because they don't align with a skill gap. Likewise, a lot of people such as myself have grown very tired/bored of just playing the public games with no real goal, whilst having to deal with implementations that seem to make skill less and less relevant. The Pop-Up cups are great, but the fact they aren't available at all times is arduous. Many times me and my friends miss out on the Duo/Squad competitive modes as they don't align with everyone's schedules, and when we do have time we feel forced to play the whole 5 hours because its the only real fun to have on the game.

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I know for a fact I would grind the hell out of a comp mode whenever I had the time. Not anything to elaborate, a straight re-skin of Rocket League's system would suffice. This would also mean the "casual" mode would be much less skilled, perhaps reminiscent of the early seasons for a lot of people who miss those. It would also mean the casual mode would continue getting "wacky" additions that people would enjoy, whilst the competitive would be more bare-bones and skill based.

The path of the game isn't healthy, the competitive scene is becoming if not already a laughing stock, whilst casuals seem to have no place left in many games as the general population has improved mightily. This leads to neither party being content, the FortniteCompetitive subreddit being filled with people quitting, the main sub seeing an increase in posts like this one earlier today:

For the time being there is no real threat to Fortnite and Epic as no competitors seem to be anywhere near the same level, but the constant divides in the community, the ignoring of "stop adding start fixing" and no indication of what is coming next ("more news on Competitive to come with next patch" never happened) is very worrying if such a competitor should come around.

TL DR: A casual mode with weekly additions split from a bare-bones SBMM competitive would solve the vast majority of complaints about the game, imo

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