Are we ever going to get off the hamster wheel?

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Are we ever going to get off the hamster wheel?

I've been playing STW for a year and a half now. The first year was great but the last six months have been the exact opposite. Once you get past the main quests in Stonewood and Plankerton, grind through 19 pages of Canny fetch quests and hit max level you quickly realize there's nothing left or is there? That's the question I have because for the last few months I feel like I'm not making progress towards anything. I play the game, get new heroes and schematics, level them up, beat the new modes and repeat over and over again. We are on a hamster wheel.

Frostnite was the last memorable mode that I played every day for weeks. Since then it's been more fetch quests events with new heroes and schematics. Endurance mode was good but Hit the Road is not. This season has been the worst in a long time. A bunch of fetch quests that you can complete in a few hours and new voice lines for the same Hit the Road mission? At least Frostnite and War Games had new challenges each week. Hit the Road is literally the same 30-35 minute mission but with new voice lines each week. It's worth doing once a week for the weekly since you get a bunch of tickets but once you have everything from the event llamas what's the point? At this point all I need is a Woofer with the Elimination 6th perk. After I get that I won't need to open any more Rad llamas.


Hit the Road has another issue as did the aforementioned modes. Good luck completing them in a public lobby. If you have a friend or two or three you are good but unless the RNG gods are on your side you won't be clearing them regularly with randoms. At this point I'm losing STW friends at a rapid pace. A year ago I never worried about finding people to fill my party but now I rarely have more than one or two friends playing. Many of them have made the decision to move on for now or maybe forever. They jumped off the hamster wheel. I'm still reluctantly treading along on the wheel hoping that the next update will be the good one we have been promised for so long.

We get roadmaps and occasional posts here from Epic but none go beyond a few weeks. Is that because they don't want to commit to something and not be able to deliver on time? Is it because they really don't have a long range plan and if they tell us that we will all leave? Is Twine the end or is there more beyond it?

If the Twine quest line is it and after we can expect seasonal events let us know. For some that will be perfectly fine and for others it will not. If there is end game content beyond seasonal modes for us to grind for please let us know. We just need to know why we are playing. Other similar games have end game content. Frostnite, Endurance Mode, Hit the Road 140 are not end game in my opinion because they don't reward us with unique rewards like a raid would in other games. It's not worth sticking around getting everything if all it will be used for is getting digital banners. If you tell me Frostnite will be back in a new form in a few months but the 128 (or whatever the highest level is) will give me a mythic hero or schematic I'll stick around. It's as simple as that. Give me a reason to keep playing.

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