As a player who has played since the early-early access on PS4…I would like to say some things.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - As a player who has played since the early-early access on PS4...I would like to say some things.

Heyo! Can't sleep….sooo here is a few thing I wish to say as we come up close to STW's 3rd Birthday.

  • When an Event ends. Everything should become researchable. A player having to invest 2 weeks worth of flux for 1 hero OR schematic is more than enough. If you don't wish to save for 2 weeks…get it during the event. New players should have access to everything.

  • Survivors should be researchable. Again…2 weeks worth of flux for 1 Legendary Survivor is more than reasonable. Hell…even being able to research Select Mythic leads should be doable. Dont wanna wait the weeks? Thats fine, buy llamas.

  • Trading…I dont care if you do it or dont. Epic, you need to lean one way or another on this and stop allowing this game to continue to rot away. Either fully stop the ability to drop weapons and items OR establish a legit trading interface that can only be accessed from outside of a mission.

  • Communication is key. Patch Notes, Changes, and Future Plans need to be discussed. Help us help you….get feedback prior to investing time into something that could be useless…Driftboard. Cute teasers and jokes ARE NOT patch notes.

  • Communication is one thing….but interacting is another. I understand youre a business…and money talks. But when BR gets countless crossover events and we get…well. You know. We need you guys to challenge us! Have contests…something.

  • The game as it stands…if played correctly is 2/3rds farming and 1/3rd playing a mission. We "should" be able to acquire from scratch within the mission itself the materials needed to conduct a full defense with the "Bonus time".

  • One husk should not be able to stop majority of hero abilities, weapons and other stuff. Have you guessed the uusk? The Riot Husk. Something needs to change about these. How can an Obliterator shoot through dozens of walls…but not a fridge door? Countless other weapons and abilities are drastically shut down by these husks….making players play a set way vs how they want.

  • Survivor Squads. Specifically…Survivor Bonuses. Only one bonus holds and weight; Trap Durability. Each bonus should feel like a bonus….it IS NOT easy to acquire matching personalities AND matching bonuses. Passive buffs instead could prove far more useful. Such as farming multiplier, movement speed, energy regeneration, ability cooldown etc..

  • Twine Peaks Story….need I really touch on this?

Thanks for reading!

Happy Husk Hunting!

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