Bacon And You! (A Complete Bacon Guide)

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So let me start off by saying I am no Whitesushi . My formatting might not be the best and there might be some errors. Also this will probably be a rather long post so I will do my best and TLDR it at the bottom.

With the recent update to bacon(50% moar!) I had several questions.

  • Is it 50% more items that you can loot bacon from?
  • What if an item only drops 1 bacon? Surely you can't get 1.5 bacon from an item.
  • Is the 50% rounded up at all for items that only drop 1?

Well, with several hours of testing in the field, looting hundreds of items 100+ times I have some data. This may be anecdotal, you may not get the same results and this is a slightly small sample, but I consider it to be more accurate than not.

I was not using an outlander with loot find. I wanted my data to be as normal as possible. I was using a standard soldier with no +loot chance bonus

I didn't see any changes in items that could drop bacon. Everything that could before still drops bacon normally. I did however notice that it seems items that only drop 1 bacon prior to the update now have a chance to drop 2. The way I see it is the range has been increased and it rounds up.

For example : Item x only drops one bacon prior to patch. After patch item x can now drop 2(50% of 1 is .5, if you round it up that's 1. 1+1 = 2). Every item that only dropped 1 bacon for me prior to this patch now drops at most 2(from my study) but is rather rare.

  • I went ahead and gathered 100 of each plant 'type'. To keep this short do not farm plants for bacon. The drop rate is terrible(roughly 2% for each 'type'), but you can get bacon from them. From my experience though I could not get bacon from the rose bushes or little flowers found commonly in small sub zones/grasslands/forests. <
    Can o' Meat / Dog Houses
    are by far the best in terms of bacon. The Can o' meat and doghouse(You have to smash it!) have a 100% to drop bacon! I did get a very small amount of bacon from the trash bags/cans(I did not get any from the recycling bins though) and the little flower pots in houses but if you see a doghouse(Only found in suburban zones(MY experience)) smash is instantly! Or if you find a Can o' Meat(usually found on the outside of the map where the rocks are plenty) Loot it asap. You have a higher chance to get 2-3, a slightly lower chance to get just 1 and a slightly higher chance to get 4!

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There you have it! Now you know what to keep an eye out for or prioritize when you go looting. To give you an example of how I did this research, I simply looted just about everything possible in every kind of zone. When an Item gave bacon I marked what gave it and how much. I would continue searching just about everything in every zone to find out what did and didn't drop bacon until I searched 100 of every item that dropped bacon to get an accurate number on the chance and min-max amount of bacon obtained.

TLDR: For quick easy bacon smash doghouses(Found by houses/outside) and loot the Can o' Meat(Found on the edge of the map where all the rocks are) commonly found in suburbs.

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